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Mar 09 2013

I Got You A Wooden Octopus and Some Beatles for Your Birthday

Wooden octopus shelf brace at a little cafe in Depot Bay, Oregon. I have been trained to think of PZ every time I see cephalopod art. I think it's a conspiracy.

Jeez. PZ makes it another lap around the sun and thinks it’s something special. Piffle. It’s not like it’s his birthday or any- wait. Well, I’ve had this giftie in the closet for a while. Seems a good time to gift it. I’ve also got this very bizarre Beatles birthday song video thingy. I hope …

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Oct 15 2010

Special Day

It r a speshul dai for Suzanne! Happi happi birfdai! We wuv u, Suzanne! 

Aug 06 2010

It R Mai Nefuz Birfday!

Iz wun yeer old.  Ai wuv u, nefu!  Haz a happee!

Mar 12 2009

Our Thinking Brain Dog Celebrates Another Birthday

Happy birthday, Cujo! And many more – although we promise not to count ‘em.

Mar 10 2009

PZ Admits His Age

They don’t have a site for LOL Squids, so this will have to do. Many sites offered PZ birthday wishes and all that, but we’ve got something none of the others have: baby pictures! Wasn’t he just the cutest little thing? Awww! Happy Birthday, PZ! This just in from the LOLcats – the reason why …

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Jan 11 2009

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Captain Paul Sunstone’s birthday was actually yesterday, but go wish him a happy one, anyway!