Do These Photos Make My Rock Magnet Look Phat?

I’m trying my hand at product photography for the first time. After a bit o’ the afternoon spent perusing some how-to articles, I taped a piece of white paper up, put white tissue over my halogen lamp, and gave it a whirl. Now I want your opinion! What do you think – does my serpentinite magnet look fairly spiffy?

Image shows a bit of dark green serpentinite glued to a magnet.

Serpentinite Magnet, right profile.

Here’s the other side.

The other side of the same magnet.

Serpentinite Magnet, left side.

Something of a top view:

Serpentinite Magnet, top view. Now we can see some of the variations in color, with darker and lighter green streaks, and one rusty brown one.

Serpentinite Magnet, top view.

Oh, and I suppose some scale would be nice!

Image shows the serpentinite magnet with a wooden ruler for scale.

Yes, that’s an American ruler, and that’s an inch you’re seeing there. Sorry!

I’ll also be taking photos showing them in-situ on the fridge, but first I have to wash the fridge. It’s got a bit grubby since I scrubbed it last. I doubt photos of a pretty magnet on a dirty fridge will inspire people.

I’m going to make a light box studio sorta thing, but first I have to scrub myself, then go to the craft store (Michaels, not Hobby Lobby) and buy the appropriate supplies. We’ll see if that turns out any better – I’m hoping for a smoother, brighter white, which a plain ol’ sheet of printer paper just can’t give me. But this’ll do for the moment, I suppose. What do you think? Does this magnet look phat?

This little beauty is from the Patrick Creek stop Lockwood and I made. Let me know if you’ve fallen in love with it, and must have it. My loyal readership definitely gets dibs on it before it ends up on Etsy! You can reach me at dhunterauthor at gmail. And if you have any special requests, please let me know – I can collect and design to order, as long as you don’t ask me to get you anything from places where collecting is verboten, like National Parks.

Get Your Ideas All Up in My Business!

All right, my darlings, it’s now less than two weeks until the day I hang up my shingle, and I haven’t got any idea what name to put on it. Well, I have a few ideas. You may have better ones. Think!

Image is a black cat in a suit. Caption says, "We need to think inside all the boxes."Think of names for a store selling all sorts of geology-themed thingies. And you know I like a nice Spanish flavor. Something like… Mercado Geológica, f’r instance. Mega Mercado de la Verdad? Give me ideas! I rather suck at naming things. One of you has to be better.

Some of you may want to help out, but come up just as blank as I do on names. No problemo! You know what else you can do? Let me know what kind of products you’d like to see. I’m going to be opening up a store on Cafe Press or Zazzle or Red Bubble or some site like that, maybe more than one – what sort of stuff do you want me to put up there?

I’ll be doing some crafty sorts of things and selling them through Etsy. That store will include things like my scarves, mufflers, wraps, hair wraps, scrunchies, and such. Anyone interested in handkerchiefs or other simple little fabric things? I can do simple bags, throw pillows, pillow cases, and things like that. I’ll also be doing custom work, so if you need something done, hit me up for an estimate. I might be able to save you a ton of money on curtains, for instance. And if you have a bit of fabric needing turned in to something, let me know.

Outside of sewing, would you go in for hand-collected pebbles for fountains, Zen gardens for your desk, rock sample magnets, things like that? Would you like me to look in to what it would take to make and sell coal and rock candy?

I’ll be looking in to getting some necessary items soon, too. If any of you has a used rock tumbler that works well and is in good condition you’d like to sell, let me know.

Now, on to writing, which will be the main focus of this whole enterprise: I am most definitely doing the Mount St. Helens book so many of you have requested! Two, in fact: the one about the May 1980 eruption, and I’m going to also do a geology travel guide. Probably more than one, now I’ll have time to investigate the other roads to the mountain! And I’m hoping to write up the more recent dome-building eruption, too.

I’m also writing a geological guide to Discovery Park, a book on women in the geosciences, and will be collecting and expanding some of the best posts from both ETEV and Rosetta Stones.

I’ve got a ton of other things planned, but your ideas are always welcome, so if there’s a bit of geology (or any other subject) you’ve been wanting me to do a post on, let me know.

All right, I’m off to begin putting the house in some semblance of order. Hit me with all your suggestions and demands!