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Aug 01 2013

One of the Most Beautiful, Courageous People I Know

I wept reading my heart-sister’s response to yesterday’s post. Happy tears, and sad tears, and hopeful tears, and so-damned-proud-of-you tears. She’s had a long, hard journey to get here. But I know she’ll find plenty of loving arms to hug her tight. I love you, my sister. No matter where your path takes you, I …

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Jul 31 2013

Why God? Why?

Carl Sagan on the wonder of the universe, via Atheist Memebase.

Smart people I know and love frequently pop out with some sort of “I believe in God” statement. If it’s not God, it’s some other gods or goddesses or numinous something-or-other(s), or an unspecified spiritual component to the universe. It’s like people can’t conceive of an existence without the supernatural. I used to be that …

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Jul 30 2013

Summer Reading That Will Give You the Secrets to Conquering Missionaries

I can’t wait for the Mormon missionaries to show up at my door again. Usually, I don’t have the patience to deal with people trying to sell me religion – I’ve got kittehs to play with, rocks to pound, posts to write, food to savor… Who wants to spend a glorious summer afternoon arguing religion …

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Jul 29 2013

Someone’s Been Living in an Alternate Reality Again


Ho, hum, another day, another dumbfuck claiming atheists have no basis for morality. I see Avi’s given them a right proper fisking. Good thing he’s a good writer, because this shallow shite’s points look like they came off an apologetics-for-assclowns site. Oh, my heck, does our Avi have patience. I’d’ve chucked this garbage in the …

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Jul 22 2013

Discoveries and Delights, Including Kitten

Luna with one of her all-time favorite toys.

Yes, I’ve been rather scarce over the last several days – a sorry state of affairs that should soon be changing, now that I’ve made a slight adjustment to my meds that allows me to stay awake for more than an hour at a time. Huzzah! I missed FtB Conscience this year, but should this …

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Jun 21 2013

Choosing Rock

Moi standing upon Siletz River Volcanics at Alsea Falls.

Some of you fence-sitters and those who’ve been, I dunno, trapped deep underground with no internet access for two-plus years, may be wondering what the fuss is about. I mean, jeez, Ron Lindsay just made a bone-headed speech and spouted off on the official CFI blog. What’s the harm, amirite? You may think the response …

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Jun 18 2013

No Longer Donating to CFI? Skepticon Could Use Your Help!


Thanks to our own John-Henry Beck, I was made aware of this outstanding adherence to principles, irregardless of money: However, after witnessing the actions of one of our years long sponsors, the Center for Inquiry (CFI), it has come to our attention that, in order to uphold the values that we have come to embody …

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Jun 11 2013

Nate Adds a Few Cents


Our own NateHevens has a few words to say about Good Christians™ himself. Look… I get that you’re not like those Christians. I get that you’re a good, loving Christian who’d never send death threats. I get that you’re pro-choice, that you don’t have a problem with non-straight marriage, that you’re open and experimental in …

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Jun 10 2013

Ron Lindsay’s Extraordinary Bullshit II, In Which I Compose a Letter


Here is the missive I have sent to the board of CfI. Dear CfI Board Members: You may notice that I haven’t spent this opening paragraph telling you how grateful I am that you have championed excellent causes in our secular community. Of course CfI has done great work in the past. We in the …

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Jun 10 2013

Christian “Love” and Christian Dissociation


(This was written long ago, and I never got round to posting it, but a fresh infusion of Good Christian Love™ has made it quite relevant. So why the hell not?) I’m so tired of this. I’m tired of hearing people prattle on about “God is Love” and what loving, moral people religion makes. It …

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