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Jun 24 2014

Moment of Beauty: Cherry Blossom Rain by Jane

Fruit Tree Blooming Season here was a bit tricky – we had lots of gorgeous blooms, of course, but we also had rain. Rain rain rain rain rain and heywhodaguessedit more rain. There would be these glorious intervals of sunshine, but they’d either be gone by the time you dug the camera out or they …

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Jun 09 2014

Amanda’s Facebook Photography Page is Up!

My friend and photographer Amanda Reese created a Facebook page – if you love pretty pictures, go show her some love! While you’re there, feel free to demand endless pictures of her adorable tiny new kitten, Chipper. There’s never enough kitten! There will be some geology later this summer, too – I’m going to take …

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Mar 12 2014

The Outstanding Imagery of Amanda Reese

Originally published at Scientific American. You want some Yellowstone? You got some Yellowstone! Amanda Reese is one of my most talented friends, and she’s just got her photography website up. After I did a lot of squeeing and awing and OMGing, she graciously agreed to let me filch a few of her images to show …

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Jan 19 2014

Moon Art Madness

Image shows a crescent moon with many crows flying past it.

Gotta love the Moon, right? Big ol’ lighty-uppy thing makes the nights all pretty, has got lots of rocks on. Lovely. And with modern cameras and software, you can create moon art with the press of a few buttons. I play with photo editing programs sometimes just to see what happens.

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Mar 22 2013

The Art of Nature: Dandelion Blooms

Dandelion bud.

We’ve got a love-hate relationship with dandelions, don’t we? If you’ve ever owned a lawn or been around a lawn-owner who gives a shit about grass, you’ve either personally attempted or seen someone attempt to eradicate the no-good very-bad terrible dandelions in it. The circular sprays of leaves seem like particularly wicked saw-blades. Grass-murderer! Lawn …

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Mar 02 2013

The Art of Nature, Iguana Edition


Sometimes, you see a photo featured somewhere and you know you must share it with your friends and readers. Isn’t that wonderful? I look at that face and see an ode to evolution right there – a symphony of natural processes and natural history.It reminds me of what RQ said on our most recent installment …

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Feb 02 2013

Saturday Song: Butterfly Lovers

Black and white and beautiful all over.

Okay, so this is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen human beings do. Well, do while dancing, anyway. I mean, she’s standing en pointe on this dude’s head, and – just watch. Words. I haven’t any. I just. That’s simply. Mwah. You know what, that’s art. That’s pure bloody art right there, and it’s …

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Jan 26 2013

Something Beautiful, Something Blue: Seattle from Alkai

"Something Beautiful, Something Blue." Seattle from Alkai, view across the Sound with a spray of water over the Space Needle.

I love my adopted city. I’ve never been much of a big-city person, and I’d frankly rather be out in the mostly wild spaces most of the time, but I’ve always adored Seattle. I find her beautiful from most every angle. I love wandering round downtown, rambling among the hills and the shops and the …

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Jan 14 2013

Supercrow and Other Natural Art Stories

Flock of Waterbirds over a North Creek Pond.

Sorry for bugging out on you, my darlings. The sun came out in midwinter in Seattle. Then there was The Hobbit. And basking in the sun with the cat. And then filtered sunlight, but still more than adequate for wandering about photographing interesting ice. Then more basking in the sun with the cat, this time …

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Dec 31 2012

Beauties, Beasts, and a Lesson Most of Us Don’t Want To Learn

This is a good read, an important read, and I’d like you to read it all. Gyzym is gentle but firm in explaining why movies like Beauty and the Beast can be jarring for those who didn’t realize that the fairy tale is actually a classic domestic violence scenario. That’s important to face. And for …

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