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Apr 01 2014

Well, My Gosh. I Am Certainly Convinced!

Oh, my darlings, I have been so wrong. Sooo so wrong. All this time running around thinking God doesn’t exist, and yet there are these convincing arguments which I have never ever heard before. Checkmate atheists, indeed! There were two signs this week that I was totes wrong about the existence of God. See, there …

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Apr 01 2013

Oh, Geez. Is That the Date?

I think I’ll go hide somewhere off the interwebz until it’s over. I haven’t got anything prepared, no elaborate jokes or wackiness. But in honor of the day, you can go check out fools in the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Plenty of those. In fact, this lolcat reminds me a little of Jesus…

Apr 02 2009

April Fools

Yes, I rather ignored April Fool’s Day this year. I’m not much good at the pranking – I hit my pinnacle the year I attached a TVGuide pic of Richard Dean Anderson to a photo of a San Diego sidewalk using glitter nail polish and still managed to convince all my friends I’d actually met …

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Apr 02 2008

April Fools Hall o’ Fame

Since I was too lame to prank you myself, I’ve taken the time and effort to spelunk the blogosphere looking for April Fools shenanigans for ye. If any of you are taken in by any of these, I shall be very disappointed – or enormously impressed by the skills of the pranksters. Just you wait …

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