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Jul 25 2010

Talk to Your Friends About DD

No, not drunk driving: I’m suggesting now that distracted driving is in the same category. People just don’t multitask behind the wheel as well as they think they do, and we should get up in their faces about it.  If you’re talking to a friend and you realize they are driving a car, say; “Are …

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Oct 03 2008

Coming Home

Alas, the bashing of fuckery may be a bit light and/or out-of-date this weekend, my darlings – I’m flying in to Arizona to see two dear friends get married. I’m also taking the opportunity to impose on the parents. I’m sure they’ll be delighted with this last-minute announcement. I’m going from this: A lush paradise. …

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Jun 10 2008

Oy, London! What’s the Big Idea?

Intrigued? You should be. If you’re going to be in London on June 16th, you should give serious consideration to attending this Big Ideas event. And then you can email me a smug description of how fun it was, and how big the ideas were, and how awful it was I had to miss it …

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