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Jan 29 2009

Holy Shit, It’s Been Too Long

I loves me my tequila (and rum, o’ course), but I haven’t been drinking it at home – I’ve been on a wine kick for years now, and save my hard drinking for when I’m out at the bars with friends. It seems like too much damned effort to mix something for me alone. I …

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Aug 28 2008

Bartenders: Dems Kick Republicon Ass

From the annals of totally useless but thoroughly entertaining news comes this recent study: Partying Republicans in Washington will have to step it up after a recent survey of D.C.-area bartenders praised Democrats as being better tippers and talkers than their GOP counterparts. The survey of 100 D.C.-area bartenders, conducted by Clarus Research Group for …

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Jul 27 2008

Drink Specials

This is a cantina. Alcohol should be involved (especially considering the subjects we discuss – alcohol is practically a necessity). Therefore, we’re going to start publishing some house specialties. Where else would we start but with a margarita? And not just any margarita, mind you. Dana’s Margarita Magnífico José Cuervo TradicionalTriple Sec100% pure Key lime …

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