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Nov 26 2013

Went for Shrooms, Came Back with Birds

My little cormorant. Image is a profile of a cormorant, which is standing on a small lump of wood or similar in the creek.

Inspired by Kenny and the small stretch of charming weather we’re having, I went on a quest Saturday to find mushrooms. Only some unutterable barstard’s mown down all the local fly agaric. And the ones I did find were – oh, shall we say, well past their prime and leave it at that? Bleck. And …

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Nov 16 2013

The Saga of the Salivary Gland

Gray kitten in scrubs walking toward right, caption says, "Dr. Tinycat to the OR, STAT!"

Look, it’s not a tumor. Not that you’d know that from the reaction. You know how they tell you to see your doctor if your sore throat doesn’t go away or worsens? Well, going in to week three of this wretched illness, everything was improving except my throat, which was busily getting worse. My regular …

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Sep 18 2013

Great Moments in Horseback Archery: Shoulda Had a Bigger Shield

One thing you should never do, if you’re the leader of a company of equestrian experts, is allow the Viking announcing events direct the audience to choose your shield. Given a choice between large, medium, and comically microscopic, you can imagine what everybody chose. No, not that one. Yepper. That’s the one. You’ll have to …

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Sep 16 2013

Great Moments in Jousting

The lighter heavy horse strutting its stuff in the lists.

Sharpen your eyes and don’t look away: you’re about to see a very unusual moment in jousting. Did you see the tips crack against each other and come flying apart? That was bloody amazing is what that was. Amazing enough I spent all night fighting with various video editing programs to put together something that …

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Sep 15 2013

Broughtcha Horsies

I told you I would, didn’t I? Oh, I’ll have far, far more, but this should whet your appetites. I love the fact they had miniature horse carriages this year. Awesome! Many, many women demonstrating mad skillz in medieval equine martial arts – yet moar awesome. And I discovered that standing beside one of the …

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Jul 09 2013

A Memorable, Sometimes Terrifying, Always Exhilirating, and Frequently Funny Trip

I swear I did feel the ground tremble a time or two...

I’m home, alive, which was in doubt a few times during this whirlwind overnight to Oregon. First off, Fourth of July holiday traffic. Meaning folks who would do things like look me in the eye, wait until I was a few yards away, and pull out in front of me. Or who would decide they …

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Jul 05 2013

Gone Gallivanting. Have a Kitten.

Luna lounging.

ZOMG you guys, I’m finally meeting Anne and Chris this weekend! They’ve driven and flown a long way to get here. I’m driving down in the wee hours of Saturday morning so that we can meet up in Corvallis, and Lockwood’s taking us geogallivanting. Fun times! I owe Chris and Anne a healthy chunk of …

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Jun 02 2013

Franklin Falls Prelim Report: In Which Important Things Are Realized

Nice hornfels outcrop at Franklin Falls. Hammer wot George gave me for scale.

Our story begins the night before the trip, as I was trying and failing to find anything on the geology of Franklin Falls, and cogitating about what I remembered seeing there oh so long ago. I’ve had a few samples sitting on a side table for years, and occasionally, I’d take them out and turn …

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Jun 01 2013

Ridiculous Roosters, a Flying Buttress Tree, and a UFD at Last

Flying Buttress Tree, Side I

We haven’t had enough mysteries lately, have we? No UFDs, no Mystery Flora, no Bodacious Botany, no Cryptopods… I’ll have to try to make it up to you. But I’m going to – ah ha ha – sort of duck out of it. But seriously, folks, I did see a bit of an odd duck, …

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May 26 2013

Geotrippin’ Parte the Thirde: To the Bat Cave!

Moi with column. Image credit Lockwood DeWitt.

On the dawn of Day Four, I was about to say, “Sod this for a game of larks – let’s go back and see the bits of the Josephine we missed!” Because, you see, we were headed for Oregon Caves. And I’ve been through caves. And they never let me take pictures. So I end …

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