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May 26 2013

Geotrippin’ Parte the Thirde: To the Bat Cave!

Moi with column. Image credit Lockwood DeWitt.

On the dawn of Day Four, I was about to say, “Sod this for a game of larks – let’s go back and see the bits of the Josephine we missed!” Because, you see, we were headed for Oregon Caves. And I’ve been through caves. And they never let me take pictures. So I end …

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May 25 2013

Geotrippin’ Parte the – Oh, Crap, I Forgot Cape Blanco!

Moi at Cape Blanco

Going through photos for the next installment, I realized I neglected to mention the stop by the fastest-rising most-westernest bit of the Oregon Coast on Day the Seconde*. Sorry bout that. Here ’tis: Those holes I’m staring at are places where birds live, carved into this very soft sandstone and conglomerate. That’s at the top …

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May 20 2013

Apologies for Neglecting You, My Darlings. I’ll Make Up For It – With Geology! And Zombies!

Some very lovely Cascade peaks with just a touch of snow and sun upon them.

I know I’ve been kind of (ha) erratic over the past few weeks. There was the trip to the Josephine, and when I got home, I was too damned restless to stay in one place. I haven’t been able to stay confined in the house long enough to get anything useful done. Let me esplain, …

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May 15 2013

Geotrippin’ Part the Firste

Portion of Japanese Dock now on display at Hatfield Marine Science Center.

When you see the number of photos here, and reflect upon the fact they only represent a fragment of the things we saw and did, you’ll not believe me when I say this was the most laid-back geotrip Lockwood and I have ever taken. Nevertheless, it was. We were kicking back in the hotel rooms …

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Mar 22 2013

The Art of Nature: Dandelion Blooms

Dandelion bud.

We’ve got a love-hate relationship with dandelions, don’t we? If you’ve ever owned a lawn or been around a lawn-owner who gives a shit about grass, you’ve either personally attempted or seen someone attempt to eradicate the no-good very-bad terrible dandelions in it. The circular sprays of leaves seem like particularly wicked saw-blades. Grass-murderer! Lawn …

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Mar 09 2013

Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles I

There’s this story, you probably know it well. Some say a matron approached Bertrand Russell (or was it another scientist) after some lecture on the solar system. Dead wrong, she told ‘im. It’s a turtle. The world’s flat and carried on the back of a turtle. And what’s the turtle standing on? the gentleman asked.

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Mar 04 2013

Link Love, Plus Lovely Photos

Junco and rock.

The sun came out in patches today, so I saddled up the camera and headed out to that lovely spot along North Creek I found a few weeks back. Spent many hours there, and I seriously have four hundred photos to go through. You’re going to have some awesome stuff, including an educational video on …

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Feb 18 2013


Stormlight I

Seattle does this wonderful thing with light, sometimes. Part of the sky will be dark and stormy, exceedingly grim, threatening a downpour. Another part has the white fluffy clouds and patches of blue sky that let the sun through. The effect is extraordinary. And it’s generally dry enough to enjoy it. Temporarily.

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Feb 17 2013

Seriously Sensational Sunshine

Mount Rainier on a warm winter's day.

Do you need some sunshine? Of course you do: it’s winter for us northern hemisphere types, and as for you southern hemisphere types, you may be getting lots and lots of sunshine already, but it’s not winter sunshine, which is completely different from summer sunshine. Rarer, for one. At least here. It’s been gray for …

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Jan 05 2013

Going to the Beach, Seattle Edition

Sign at Marine View Park, Normandy Park, WA

Coastal bluffs, baby. We gots ‘em. They’re very picturesque. Of course, they have a distressing tendency to erode away and fall down, but they’re still pretty. However, it makes going to the beach interesting in places.

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