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Dec 16 2011

Insights from 9-1-1

(This is a post by my coblogger, Jacob. He’d post it under his own handle, only WordPress is giving us guff over adding him as an author. That situation should be remedied soon, and you’ll be hearing more from him. He’s an amazing guy. I’m proud to have him posting here once again.)   Do …

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Sep 11 2011

We Have to Remember

Ten years ago today, the world changed. It changes every day. Someone, somewhere, each day, finds themselves facing what they’d never expected to face. Wars break out, violence erupts; or there’s a fire, or a flood, or some other catastrophic event that means they will never live as they once did. Even if they rebuild …

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Jun 30 2011

When Lives Are On The Line: Part II

It took me over a year to get hired at the 9-1-1 center where I work. Now, before that my scope of employment was 95% shopping mall jobs, so its kind of like going from playing Calvin-ball at the park with some friends and then trying out for the Yankee’s. Now, to be fair, it …

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Jun 15 2011

When Lives Are On The Line: Part I

[Guest blogger Kaden] Call 9-1-1 Easy to remember and ingrained since childhood, call these three simple numbers and you can reach police, fire, or medical assistance. And that’s about the extent of the average person’s knowledge of 9-1-1. This series is meant to give you some insight inside my world, but mostly its just an …

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Sep 11 2010


A Moment of Silence Nine years ago, 2,977 people left home and did not return again. Iconic buildings fell. We changed. Remember.

Sep 11 2008

It Didn’t Need to Happen

On September 11th, I remember flowers. I didn’t know what they were, although I’d grown up with them. They were the last little bit of wild glory before winter came, spreading across the ground like moons in the sunlight. September is one of the finest seasons in Flagstaff, Arizona: the thunderstorms of the monsoons are …

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