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  1. Taste of Chaos — June 30, 2008
  2. Post-Apocalyptic e-mail chain goodness — June 6, 2008
  3. Oh hell, morning already? — June 4, 2008

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Jun 30 2008

Taste of Chaos

The following is the result of a fugue state I reached recently after a combination of excessive work stress and not enough drinking. I am making no attempts to logically or ethically validate these thoughts. The world around me speaks in strange voices, and sometimes I can even make out the words. Consider for a …

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Jun 06 2008

Post-Apocalyptic e-mail chain goodness

Just when I think all is lost in my day, I stumble on this page of pure awesomeness:http://www.youvebeenleftbehind.com Shit, that’s a relief. I was thinking you know, how will I manage to really get that last dig into my asshole family members when I got hauled off into Glory Glory Hallelujah and they’re stuck around …

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Jun 04 2008

Oh hell, morning already?

So Dana says to me “How would you like to do some guest blogging?”And it’s Dana, so I know I won’t have to come up with material on “Militant Emu-Hating Nihilist and Funny Hat Blog” or “Robotic Erotica: Probing the Cybernetic Depths of Uranus” or the like. And that’s good, because there’s only so much …

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