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Name: Karen Locke
Date registered: December 9, 2012


Once a software engineer, briefly a manager, I gave up on that stuff to take a Masters in geology. Now I'm a jewelry maker. Oh, and I'm staff to two cats.

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Dec 14 2012

A Personal Post

I debated with myself for quite awhile before I decided to post this; it’s on the edge of being a little too personal.  But it illustrates my own feelings on compromise. Today I gave a donation to my Catholic high school.  Yes, I was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic schools through senior high (though that …

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Dec 12 2012

This is My Valley

Santa Clara Valley and surrounding mountains

I live in the Santa Clara Valley, which sits at the south end of the San Francisco Bay in California, USA.  Most people are more familiar with this place as “Silicon Valley” because of all the high-tech work done here.  And as you can see from the Google Earth snapshot below, it is pretty built …

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Dec 10 2012

Karen Locke, the Introduction

Rocky and Paddy 2012

Hello all!  Dana claims that snagging me for an occasional guest post is a great success on her part, but the truth is I’ve been wanting a blogging outlet for a long time; I just don’t have enough to say to write my own blog (or enough time to say it).  I’m really honored that …

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