New at Rosetta Stones: Which Fault’s at Fault for the South Napa Quake?

This is a maclargehuge post in which we witness geologists and seismologists doing the hard investigative work, and determining which fault very probably caused the whole Napa problem. Enjoy!

Image shows a portion of California. Napa Valley has a huge red dot on it, with a lot of orange and yellow radiating away.

Shake map for the South Napa quake, courtesy USGS via Chris Rowan.



  1. rq says

    And here I always thought that California was just going to fall off the rest of the continent. I’m glad this one seems to have been a minor ‘quake, though I suppose the Big One is inevitable eventually…
    That bit of geology-in-the-kitchen sounds like a lot of fun to try with the kids. Although they’re on a volcano craze right now, Middle Child keeps drawing them, one after another. I have a stack of pictures. How do I introduce earthquakes?