Ohai! I’ve Added a Spiffy New Mount St. Helens Page!

Remember the Prelude to a Catastrophe/The Cataclysm series? Yes? No? Never heard of it? Well, no matter your answer, I’ve got just the page for you! I’ve stuck all the links to date up on their very own page. The last few links aren’t yet live because I haven’t brought those posts over from Rosetta Stones quite yet, but they’ll be appearing here over the next few weeks. Or you could get enterprising and just search the title.

Image shows a cat winking with its mouth open. Caption says *wink*

But wait! Der’s moar! I’ll have new posts in the series coming up sometime this fall. There’s so much more to explore about this eruption and its aftermath. And then, when that’s finished, there’s a whole lot more we’ve learned over the past few decades – we won’t be done with this volcano for a long while yet.

So I really do hope you enjoy reading about it…

Mount St. Helens in May of 2014.

Mount St. Helens in May of 2014.


  1. Trebuchet says

    When I clicked on the MSH page the first time, I got a really annoying full-page popup ad for some diet scam endorsed by Dr. Oz. On of these “you can continue to the site in 20 seconds…19…18…” sorts of thing. I’m ad-free on FTB and wondering what’s going on. Next time I tried it was ok.

  2. Julie says

    Love the Mount St. Helens info. If only it wasn’t on the other side of the continent and you know in another country. :(