New at Rosetta Stones: Mount Baker At Last! Plus, a Genuine Watercolor

I’ve got the preliminary findings from our maiden voyage to Mount Baker up at Rosetta Stones for ye. You’re gonna love it.

You may also love this photograph of Mount Shuksan:

Image shows what looks like a watercolor image of Mount Shuksan.

Mount Shuksan reflected in a lovely tarn.

Looks sorta like a watercolor, doesn’t it just? It sorta is: this is Mount Shuksan as reflected in a lovely little tarn on Mount Baker Highway.

It’s the real thing – I’ve just played a bit with the brightness and such. Here’s the untouched version:

Mount Shuksan as reflected in the tarn.

Mount Shuksan as reflected in the tarn, without the fiddling around.

Okay, and I flipped it right-side up, too. See it in its non-reflected glory at Rosetta Stones, and find out why it’s really actually green.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Lovely! We used to visit Mt. Baker frequently but haven’t done so in a long time. We’ll have to go back.,

    That view of Shuksan over the tarn was once listed by Kodak as one of the most photographed scenes in the US. You can see why! When you see Washington State calendars, it’s pretty much always in there. Sometimes twice, with one image reversed. And not infrequently labeled “Mount Baker”. I’d guess a lot of tourists think it’s Baker as well.

    I had no idea that Shuksan was SO much older than Baker! You’ve provided today’s learning experience.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    And I haven’t even gotten in to the layers of Mazama ash,

    Mazama ash – Ba dee de-de-de.
    Mazama ash – Ba dee dee dee!
    Mazama ash – Ba dee de-de-de, da de-de, da de-de, da de-de de-de dee da de-de-dee.

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Marvellous image there – cheers. :-)