Which Should I Use?

I’ve got an explosive post coming up on Rosetta Stones for ye on Thursday. But I’ll need your help with it, my darlings. I’ve spent all night playing with photo editing programs to create a single illustration. I ended up creating two, and now I can’t decide which is better.

Reader’s choice time!

Is it to be Diagram #1:

Groovy stellar nucleosynthesis diagram wot I made #1

Groovy stellar nucleosynthesis diagram wot I made #1

Or Diagram #2:

Diagram wot I made etc. #2

Diagram wot I made etc. #2

Of course click to embiggen. Then cast your vote!

Image shows three kittens wearing clothes with ballots in paw, lined up to drop them in a ballot box.


  1. sbuczkowski says

    Option #2. The colors, shape and clarity of the background image merge better with the illustration than in option #1

  2. sirhc58 says

    I rather like #1. It looks less “Eye of Sauron-y” to me, while keeping a foreboding mood due to the red-shifted stars in the background.

  3. Trebuchet says

    Aww, rq beat me too it! I was going to vote for kitten #3.

    Otherwise, I’ll cast my vote for star number 2.

  4. movablebooklady says

    I like #2 better — the jaggedy corona gives it more dynamism (or something).

    OT: found this site, which you may already know about, but maybe others don’t:


    all about women in geology, paleontology, archaeology

  5. tiko says

    I’m thirding sirhc58 and petemoulton with number one but we already appear to be in the minority.

  6. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Both excellent but I vote for diagram #2 – looks more like an exploding star although I’m pretty sure both backgrounds are planetary nebulae.

    Really looking forward to reading it.

  7. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @10. movablebooklady :

    Thanks for that Trowelblazers link – very informative site and excellent short bios there – ashamed to say how many of those I hadn’t heard of. Pity it doesn’t cover astronomy too – plenty of great women astronomers as well from Caroline Herschel and Dorothea Klumpke* to Sara Seager!

    ..the jaggedy corona gives it more dynamism (or something).

    I agree on the appearance there but as an astronomical pedant, afraid I just can’t resist noting that’s not technically the corona – although I can understand the confusion. Those are the ejected outer layers of the star instead which are much denser, cooler and fascinating structures in their own right. Sorry.

    * Who beat fifty men to a post at the Paris observatory, surveyed and studied the stars for the Carte du Ciel and flew aboard an early balloon to observe the Leonids. See :


    • movablebooklady says

      You’re welcome.

      Re “corona” I am, of course, a pedant about many things but not astronomy, so correction accepted. I was just using in the sense of a fancy round thing (like a coronet). Sorry.

  8. psanity says

    I vote for KITTIES! Oh. Sorry.

    Well, I think #1 looks more corona-like. #2 looks more, um, nebulous. They’re both very pretty, and you should know better than to ask us. I predict the Cantina denizens will, as a group, come down firmly on both sides.