Mar 14 2014

Happy Pi Day!

I’m celebrating Pi Day with this lolcat:

Image shows a large gray cat. Caption reads, "I getz mai larj circumfrenz frum pi."

How are you celebrating this day devoted to the best-ever irrational, transcendental number?



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  1. 1

    Pruning*. Does wonders for my stress levels. ;)
    I’m not convinced it’s pi day, though. You Murkans write your dates all funny and wrong, so it doesn’t count according to my Euro sensibilities. ;)
    (Technically, this whole month is rounded-to-two-sigdigs-pi month – 3.14, so there’s that…)

    * I’ve been known to describe it as ‘wanton destruction’ but the plants seem to like it. They always rally by June or so, and by ‘always’ I mean ‘last year’ because that’s as many times I’ve engaged in this activity at the current location.

  2. 2

    Remember: the Great British Version, 22nd of July (22/7) is more accurate!!!

    … and has been since 1592

    …and will continue to be for another 12,319 years!!!

    (actually I didn’t bother to think about the years bit so….)

  3. 3

    It’s too early in the morning :-(

    Perhaps it’s since 1732??

    I think (see first para) 3.141732 is closer to π than 3.142857

  4. 4

    My significant other and I regularly dine at an Italian restaurant on Fridays (when she’s in town, that is), so I may just celebrate with a pizza pie. Since this is also my regular time to celebrate the Holy Sacrament, I hope the FSM will forgive me just this once.

  5. 5

    I made 3 pies to share with my co-workers. And I calculated the area and circumference of each.

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