New at Rosetta Stones: When Trees Become Stratigraphy

Our final installment of trees is complete! Huzzah! No more trees – we’re on to rocks next, baby, yeah!

No thanks to my old modem, which died a horrible death tonight. But the Comcast representative I got hold of was super-sharp, and he got the problem diagnosed and my old modem reactivated in a jiffy. A technician will be out Friday with my brand-new combo modem and router, so yay! I can’t keep using the old modem, the cat barfed on it once and I don’t know how long it will survive. But happily for blogging, it should survive just long enough. Give it and the Comcast tech a hearty thanks, because without them, we would’ve been sans-Cataclysm today.

Scorched needles under a layer of blast deposit. Image courtesy USGS.

Scorched needles under a layer of blast deposit. Image courtesy USGS.


  1. rq says

    I guess the cat had enough of all those creationist texts, too. Next time, tell Misha to barf right on the textbooks, not on the tool you need to warn the world about their insidious evil.

    That’s some mighty fine type on the tree post. And I’d love to see an animation of the Ultimate Tree Adventure with Volcano.

    • Lithified Detritus says

      And I wish I had a nickel for every time it has happened to something of mine. The aging cats in my household subsist on a diet of kibble that, given its cost, must be minted of solid gold, coated with platinum, and garnished with diamond sprinkles. Their primary mission in life seems to be to hocker it up on things of value, or late at night in the hallway to the bathroom.

      In their spare time, they shred the furniture…