New at Rosetta Stones: Psychedelic Shrooms of the Gods!

At long, long last, I answer the question posed so long ago by Brianne, her mom, and many readers: how the hell did that happen?! Behold: the story of how the Garden of the Gods got its stone shrooms. Enjoy!


  1. rq says

    The last thing Illinois needs is a bunch of gods growing megalithic magic mushrooms all over the place.

    Maybe that’s exactly what it needs??
    Those are awesome formations. Would love to see them in real life sometime!!

  2. Onamission5 says

    Lisegang bands

    Gorgeous! I’d never have guessed at the processes which formed them, either. Even more spectacularly strange than the intricate bedrock swirls and folds one can sometimes see here in Appalachia. I remember standing in front of one such exposed formation at a local park, ogling the delicate layers, and having my mind totally blown that what I was looking at used to be inside the middle of a mountain taller than the Himalayas, and that it probably formed when the North American plate collided with Europe.