New at Rosetta Stones: Why Geologists Aren’t Worried About Ending Up on the Naughty List

Some of you may remember when I originally discussed why naughty geologists have no fear of what’s in their stocking, but you may enjoy it again – especially since there are added bonus pictures!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do something naughty so that Santa will fill my stocking with coal. Yay!


  1. rq says

    You make it sound like geologists are trying to get on the naughty list.
    And that’s exactly what you’re doing. *sigh* With role models like these, how am I supposed to get my children to behave???

    And – wait a minute – orange-red waterfall… chemotrophic bacteria… This is ringing a bell somewhere. (Although my vote’s still on iron deposits, I’m sure you’ll be going through the options.)

  2. sirhc58 says

    My Dad was a geologist, and none of us kids could figure out why you wouldn’t want some fun coal for a gift. Mind you, we got up to enough mischief with some of his display samples (galena is fun!) that the lack of coal in our house may have been a defensive move by my parents!