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  1. rq says

    Mmm, books!
    Quick note: I recently saw Richard Fortey speak, and he is so fantastic. Cousin and I wished he was our grandfather, so that he could go on and on in that soft, level yet somehow passionate voice of his all evening by the fireside – about fossils, fossils, geology, fossils… He has the most subtle (and dead-pan – if you’re not listening, you’ll miss it) sense of humour that made listening to him a constant surprise and delight, and for all his low-key attitude and presentation, it was one of the best and most engaging science talks I have heard in a long time. His love for the subject (fossils and new discoveries in 3D imaging of fossils, this particular time) was just shining out of him. Proves that if you love your subject, others will notice.
    I’m going to bookmark that list of books for when I have some spare cash, or when someone willing to pay extra luggage fees is coming to visit, because otherwise I’m not likely to get my hands on any of them. :(