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  1. rq says

    O ye gods, there’s a giant hole in that mountain!!
    And I was absolutely flabbergasted – you mentioned a red waterfall in the one photo, and I looked, and there it was. Perfectly visible, and red! (No close-up shots, no?)

    Thanks for the awesome post – and the lit-up topographical map is beautiful.

    Also, this point:

    They’re more than letters carved into stone.

    You’ve certainly helped in that – made them far more than letters carved into stone. Thank you.

    What was also interesting (I have a little list here) is that picture pointing out the ages of the mountain? Yeah, most of it doesn’t seem to be all that old! Strangely enough. Or is that merely a factor of the things being pointed out?

    Thanks again.

  2. Trebuchet says

    We visited last year, did the ranger talk and the whole bit. But I didn’t know about the scorch marks in the parking lot! That’s awesome, and frightening. Any possibility of a bigger version of the red waterfall picture? I think I see it, but am not sure.

  3. jane says

    This post really brought back the memories for me. I did this trip in 2006 with my dad before he died several years later. It was a beautiful day like yours and the mountain had little puffs of steam. The trip was so memorable in so many respects but probably most of all because he had been a geologist on this mountain. The high point, at Johnston Ridge, was amazing, almost surreal. An unforgettable day.