The Greatest Grumpy Cat Meme Ever

I stumbled across this looking for something else. I am a Doctor Who fan*, and I approve this meme.

grumpy cat tardis

If anyone knows who created this, tell me who they are. I love them. I want to buy them alcoholic beverages.

But you know Grumpy Cat never actually met The Doctor. No way you can hate traveling the universe when you run with him!


*Please don’t talk to me about recent episodes. My DVR died, and I haven’t caught up, and I didn’t get to see Day of the Doctor, and WAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! All will be remedied as I continue catching B up – we’re on Series 4 now. By the time we reach the newest series, it’ll be in my hands on nice shiny DVDs which will not fail me, and happiness will return to the universe. Also, I may possibly have a working DVR again. Anything is possible!

Sometimes It Works Out Fine

Many of you were there to offer cyber-sympathy during the recent dust-up that plunged me into Emoland. Your support prevented me from becoming a permanent resident there – thank you! But for a while there, it looked like I’d be living life without B. Which led to frequent trips to Emoland, lemme tell ya.

But that situation’s sorted. We finally had the difficult talk a bit ago, wherein he displayed an understanding as to why all this feminism stuff is important, and he’ll trust me going forward, and won’t worry about the battles I choose to pick. Mind you – he’s understood the importance of said battles all along, which is one of the many reasons I like him lots. But he’s now willing to risk some collateral discomfort, and knows we can have equality without sacrificing fun. We’ll trust each other more in the future.

Of course, that talk would have happened a lot earlier if he’d known how to approach the conversation, poor soul. In trying not to pressure him, I think I went a bit too far in the opposite direction. Whoops.

And then we sorted out the other, more mundane, personal issues that had contributed to the bad situation between us. We committed to the necessary changes each of us needed to make in order to do better by each other. Then we purchased an excessive amount of alcohol and watched a very odd vampire flick, followed by a Wonder Woman episode, and it’s been fine since. Better than I expected.

Sometimes, these battles we have to fight for equality cost us close personal friends. But when that happens, the ones worth keeping will work it out with us. And they’ll be there for us in the future.

B’s one of the best. Raise him a round and welcome him to the feminazi ranks.

Image is of two cats hugging. Caption says, "Don't worry. Everything is fine now."

Gone Eatin’, Plus Lots o’ Thanks

So it’s that day again in America where we give thanks and stuff ourselves into a coma.

Image is of a cat lying on a dinner plate. The table also contains a salad bowl in the center and plates full of food. Caption says, "I is TURKEY.... stuff with noms.Sometimes, Christians ask us what we have Thanksgiving for if we don’t believe in a god we can give those thanks to, which displays an appalling lack of imagination, not to mention no appreciation for the people around us.

I’ve got plenty of people and things to be thankful to and for. There’s B’s brother B, who’s cooking the turkey so I don’t have to. There’s B, who made this dinner happen (and yes, we’re good again – I’ll tell that story when I’ve regained consciousness). There’s the fine folks who raised all the food and came up with the genius spice combos. There’s all the people everywhere who made the roads I will drive, and made the car I will drive, possible and safe. There’s my company, which irritates the crap out of me but pays a good wage, and the customers who make it possible for them to pay it. There’s all the people without whom this day wouldn’t happen, whose contributions are so invisible I don’t see them, but they’re there.

Thank you.

There’s my parents, and my kitty, and my friends, who all make my life happier, and make me happy when I can do things for them that make them happy.

Thank you.

And then there’s you, my readers, my colleagues and friends in this wonderful world of cyberspace, where my life has been changed and enriched over and over and over again, and where I like to think I give a little something back. I love you all!


Now, even if you’re not in America, go do something nice and fun today. May it include the things you love best. Because, damn it, you deserve only the best!


Image is of a cat on its back on a sofa, fast asleep. Caption says,

Went for Shrooms, Came Back with Birds

Inspired by Kenny and the small stretch of charming weather we’re having, I went on a quest Saturday to find mushrooms. Only some unutterable barstard’s mown down all the local fly agaric. And the ones I did find were – oh, shall we say, well past their prime and leave it at that? Bleck. And I was being lazy and doing the North Creek loop, which isn’t exactly a mushroomer’s paradise. I need to get me arse out to the woods, but after a month of sitting round sewing and a further three weeks of lying around being ill, I’m not up for the strenuous business.

Which turned out awesome, actually. I got you birdies! [Read more…]

The Cataclysm: “Vancouver! Vancouver! This Is It!”

Dawn arrives early in the Pacific Northwest spring. The clouds are usually thick enough to filter the light to the satisfaction of all but the lightest sleepers, but on the morning of May 18th, 1980, 5:30am saw the sun rising in cloudless skies. It called all rain-locked residents to seize a sunny spring day while the opportunity lasted. Sunlight shone on the ash-dusted flanks of Mount St. Helens, and cast shadows in the fractures in the bulge. The mountain, so recently wracked with steam explosions and rocked by earthquakes, had regained some serenity.

[Read more…]

Sunday Song: Leaves

It’s the dying time o’ year again. In Seattle and surrounding areas, that means rain, followed by rain, and showers, then some rain, and this is an especially wet fall so we’ve had some rain to go with our rain. When it’s not raining, it threatens to rain, and the sun is a distant memory. Oh, and the leaves were really spectacular and gorgeous, but it was raining, and then before the sun came out, there was some rain with extra-strong wind, and when the sun briefly emerged, most of the pretty leaves were in soggy heaps on the ground, sometimes with the tree still attached.
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Fundamentals of Fungi: Kenny’s Quintet

Oh, my darlings, it’s been a very long time since I’ve given any love to those of you who adore your shrooms. Fortunately, I’ve got a coworker who finds some fabulous ones, and had a good camera on his phone, and he’s sharing the love with you.

He hit me square in the squees with this beauty of a fly agaric he found up by Canyon Park.
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Dave Crockett’s Narrow Escape

One of the eeriest things I’ve ever seen is the video shot by KOMO News reporter Dave Crockett on May 18th, 1980. He was just 28 years old. Something woke him before dawn that Sunday morning, telling him this was the day to be there. Good reporter’s instincts, that man.

I was a very young child, just wrapping my mind around this whole mountain-go-splodey thing, watching clouds of gray ash roil and tumble in the sky as Dave Crockett fought to survive on the slopes of the volcano. The idea that someone could be on it, caught up in the cataclysm, and survive, left me stunned. [Read more…]

“They’ll be led, be bled, and time’s wheel will turn on after they’ve gone.”

There is a remarkable piece written by a man who once called for Salman Rushdie to die. It’s about the awesome power of books, and the fearful power of ignorance, and the power we have to change the future.

Read all of it. But in case you needed persuading, here’s a taste. [Read more…]