Oct 27 2013

Scenes From the Costuming Life

Only three sewing days until Halloween! I’ve been frantic, but fulfilled, and it seems we’ll have a wizard ready just in time. Gotta few pictures for ye, which doesn’t make up for my absence, but at least gives you a little something.

This is Misha’s idea of being a big ol’ help:

Misha on the robe.

Misha on the robe.

She loves that robe. She’d always take up station upon it whilst I was sewing other bits of it. She’ll be thrilled to bits when she learns I’m making one for myself out of the same fabric.

My current supervisor fell in love with the robe, too, and decided he must wear it awhile.

Mah supe in costume.

Mah supe in costume.

He wandered round the call center talking about being a pimp wizard until he got too hot and had to take it off. And guess who gets a wizard’s robe next? Ja you betcha. I’m shopping for the most obnoxious fabric I can find, because he wants it so loud it’s screaming. Suggestions welcome.

When I’d finished the initial bits of the robe, tabard/tunic thingy, and the hat, we stuffed him into it for a fitting – he’s close enough to B’s size that he works as a stand-in. But I didn’t really need to see how everything fit together at that point so much as wanted to see mah supe in the full get-up.

Mah supe in the outfit.

Mah supe in the outfit.

He decided the point should point the other way, the way in which you should go: a wizard GPS, if you will.

Wizard GPS

Wizard GPS

So that’s the basic thing, and I’ll be done with some of the extra bits, and we’ll have a respectable wizard costume going on soon. Yay!

Got stuff for me own costume, too. After a billion years of the really ugly and unwieldy cutlass, it was time for a new pirate sword. B decided to test it on Luna.

Off with her head!

Off with her head!

And she’s all like, “Whaa??!”

Off with mah who wha nao?

Off with mah who wha nao?

And we learn why some pirates have only one hand:

Hoomin fingers is finger-lickin' good!

Hoomin fingers is finger-lickin’ good!

I’m not going to wear the hook, it just came with the set, and now belongs to the kitties.

Kirby and Luna got a good nap in with B’s brother’s costume.

Sleepy kittehs

Sleepy kittehs

He went as Jareth, and hopefully will give me permission to plaster his mug all over the internets, because he looked awesome. Even though he asked me to do his makeup, and really, what do I know about doing makeup? But he was a hit.

Back to work for me. I’ll soon return with moar photos! And then we’ll get on with the actual substantial blogging thingy. I’ve missed you, my darlings!


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  1. 1

    You made the hat??
    You’re awesomer than I thought.

  2. 2
    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

    And every year you swear that next year you’ll start earlier.
    Next year you won’t be stiching till the last moment (or worse, take your sewing kit to the Con so you can work on your outfit for day 2).
    And then you swear that while it didn’t work this year it will totally change next year

  3. 3
    Gregory in Seattle

    It looks amazing!

  4. 4

    Yay, Dana’s back!

    And apparently Crommunist is her boss now.

  5. 5

    Impressive! Also, Luna appears to have tripled in size since your last cat picture post!

    1. 5.1

      That’s the major problem with kittens. They turn into cats.

  6. 6
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]


  7. 7
    Markita Lynda—threadrupt

    Goodness, that’s not Ian Cromwell! Do you think all people with curly, dark hair look alike?

    I love the robe! It all looks splendid!

  8. 8

    The costume is fabulous, and I love the hat, but can we get back to Mt.St. Helens again soon? please? you stopped just when things were getting interesting.

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