Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 27 2013

Scenes From the Costuming Life

Misha on the robe.

Only three sewing days until Halloween! I’ve been frantic, but fulfilled, and it seems we’ll have a wizard ready just in time. Gotta few pictures for ye, which doesn’t make up for my absence, but at least gives you a little something. This is Misha’s idea of being a big ol’ help: She loves that …

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Oct 17 2013

Not Acceptable (Aside from the Taking Responsibility Part – That’s Good)

Dissapointed cat

By now, most of you know that Bora Zivkovic harassed several women. He engaged in the kind of everyday sexism that chips away at a woman’s psyche and drops her into a vortex of doubt, disgust, and anger. What he did isn’t as obviously terrible as groping or assault or rape, but it did its …

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Oct 12 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: Wherein I’m #standingwithDNLee

So this thing happened where the editor of a sciencey sorta website *cough Biology Online cough* decided it would be hi-larious to call a black woman an urban whore for refusing to write for his shit for free. Punchline? She’s a SciAm blogger, and SciAm won’t stand with her. I have a thing or dozen …

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Oct 10 2013

Gone Costuming

B's frightfully awesome wizard's robe

Sorry, my darlings! I haven’t meant to neglect you for so long, only it’s approaching Halloween, and you know what that means: Dana has been roped in to making costumes. By hand. Without a sewing machine. So far, I’ve nearly got me faux-leather bodice for me pirate outfit done. Just need to finish the back …

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Oct 05 2013

In Solidarity With Students, I Present Jesus -n- Mo

Jesus -n- Mo

The following photo would be enough to get me kicked out of just about any freshers’ fair in Britain: So these are two lovely rocks from the Skykomish River, and I’ve named them Jesus and Mo because it seems many religious people have not yet learned to be reasonable adults. I know, I know, this …

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Oct 02 2013

Republicons Determined to Protect America From Menace of Health Care

Ah, yes, because the last government shutdown went sooo well for the GOP, it appears they want to try, try again. In case you didn’t care about science or kids with cancer or needy families or the economy or any of that rot, consider this: no Prelude to a Catastrophe until this is over. Nope. …

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