Scenes From the Costuming Life

Only three sewing days until Halloween! I’ve been frantic, but fulfilled, and it seems we’ll have a wizard ready just in time. Gotta few pictures for ye, which doesn’t make up for my absence, but at least gives you a little something.

This is Misha’s idea of being a big ol’ help:

Misha on the robe.

Misha on the robe.

She loves that robe. She’d always take up station upon it whilst I was sewing other bits of it. She’ll be thrilled to bits when she learns I’m making one for myself out of the same fabric.

My current supervisor fell in love with the robe, too, and decided he must wear it awhile. [Read more…]

Not Acceptable (Aside from the Taking Responsibility Part – That’s Good)

By now, most of you know that Bora Zivkovic harassed several women. He engaged in the kind of everyday sexism that chips away at a woman’s psyche and drops her into a vortex of doubt, disgust, and anger. What he did isn’t as obviously terrible as groping or assault or rape, but it did its damage, and is unacceptable.

Dissapointed cat

This kind of sexism – the inappropriate remarks, the (perhaps) unconscious belittling of women, reducing them from professionals to sexual beings – has no place in this world we’re forging. It’s no more to be tolerated than other forms of degradation. Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any form, perpetrated by anyone. It doesn’t matter how much we otherwise admire them. [Read more…]

New at Rosetta Stones: Wherein I’m #standingwithDNLee

So this thing happened where the editor of a sciencey sorta website *cough Biology Online cough* decided it would be hi-larious to call a black woman an urban whore for refusing to write for his shit for free. Punchline? She’s a SciAm blogger, and SciAm won’t stand with her.

I have a thing or dozen to say about that.

I’m ashamed to be a SciAm blogger right now. But I’m proud to be #standingwithDNLee.

Gone Costuming

Sorry, my darlings! I haven’t meant to neglect you for so long, only it’s approaching Halloween, and you know what that means: Dana has been roped in to making costumes. By hand. Without a sewing machine.

So far, I’ve nearly got me faux-leather bodice for me pirate outfit done. Just need to finish the back hem, put in the eyelets for the lacing, and perhaps a bit o’ trim and a dart or two. That’s #1.

This is #2:

B's frightfully awesome wizard's robe

B’s frightfully awesome wizard’s robe

That’s just basted together – the fine stitching needs to be finished, and the capelet with the arcane symbols, and the wizard’s hat. So that’s going to take some time. It would be easier if B were shorter, but oh, well.

#3: Helping B’s brother become the Goblin King. Oy. Glad I don’t have to sew that bugger, just some trim.

And then, when those are done, I’m going to be making myself a Renaissance dress for the next time we do the medieval faire circuit.

Mah dress. Which is going to take FOREVER. But will be thoroughly awesome.

Mah dress. Which is going to take FOREVER. But will be thoroughly awesome.

The dress won’t distract from blogging (much) as I’ve got ages to do it, but the other costumes have to be done by the end of this month, soooooo….. Unless the Cons get done throwing tantrums and I can repost some nice stuff, you won’t see much o’ me round here for the next few weeks. But I’ll be back! And I swear I’ll even reply to some emails (I still love you, friends who have emailed me and waited forever for a reply!!).

But for now, gotta get back to pushing thread through threads.

In Solidarity With Students, I Present Jesus -n- Mo

The following photo would be enough to get me kicked out of just about any freshers’ fair in Britain:

Jesus -n- Mo

Jesus -n- Mo

So these are two lovely rocks from the Skykomish River, and I’ve named them Jesus and Mo because it seems many religious people have not yet learned to be reasonable adults. I know, I know, this comes as quite the shock to those of us in countries where the religious majorities are oh so sensible. But for those who have not yet learned that one group’s sacred thingies are other groups’ not-at-all sacred thingies, it seems random things will need to have the names of mythological folks plastered to them until the dumbfuckery stops. [Read more…]

Republicons Determined to Protect America From Menace of Health Care

Ah, yes, because the last government shutdown went sooo well for the GOP, it appears they want to try, try again. In case you didn’t care about science or kids with cancer or needy families or the economy or any of that rot, consider this: no Prelude to a Catastrophe until this is over. Nope. On account of the USGS being less important than the Cons’ determination to shut down the government over more people being able to buy health insurance. Which means photos of the Mount St. Helens eruption are unavailable.

Oh, and do keep in mind: Obamacare is up and thriving. So the Cons are basically trying to prevent something from happening that’s already happened.

They’re terrified, of course. Because once people get a taste of being able to visit a doctor AND afford to eat all at once, it will become clear to the vast majority of folks that this health care thing is sweet indeed, and that Cons have been lying to them about how horrible it all is, and they’ll remember how determined the Cons were to prevent them from getting affordable care, and suddenly the GOP’s voter pool will dry up faster than a shallow puddle in the Arizona desert in July. During a historic heatwave. Which we will also be seeing more of, courtesy of the Cons. Fantastic.

Anyway, should you happen to not believe that the Cons are this bloody evil, just incredibly stupid, keep in mind that even Michele Bachmann, who makes many of the most reality-challenged of the Cons look positively coherent in comparison, knows what the reality here is. What they’re selling to the ignorant masses is pure bullshit. They’re perfectly aware that their party is pooped if the hoodwinked manage to get a peek outside the blinders.

This, my darlings, is why people who opt to let Cons win in order to punish Democrats for not being Democrat enough infuriate me. Granted, it would be nice to push the Dems toward being actually progressive, rather than Republican Lite. However, comma, with an opposition party that, were it a person, would have been diagnosed as a psychopath and bundled off to prison for crimes against humanity long before now, there’s no fucking way I will play that sort of chicken. Don’t like it? Stop letting Cons win.

I do hope this shutdown gets the attention of all the fuckheads who’ve gone round thinking the Cons aren’t actively evil. It’s time to cut the tumor out of the body politic.Vote these douchenozzles out.

Those of you who would rather vote Republican have many fine choices. Don’t be deceived by the Ds after their names. Where the fuck did you think all the reasonable Republicans went? It sure as shit wasn’t the Bahamas.