New at Rosetta Stones: Field Trippin’ on Mount St. Helens

Yes, yes, we were doing bluffs, and Ima gonna let South Bluff finish, but first I wanted to say a few words about some other bluffs. Well, sorta. We’re going to Hoffstadt Bluffs! Not that we can really see the bluffs from where we’re going, but there are super-sexy views of Mount St. Helens from there, so you’ll love it anyway. I meant to do one big field trip post, but with six stops and so much to babble about, it would’ve been way too long, so I’ve broken it up a bit. I’m planning to spend the next several days (minus Saturday and Sunday, prolly – geotrippin’!) getting all the parts posted, and hopefully be done by Thursday so we can get back to bluffing.

Thanks to Silver Fox, who inspired this idea. Awesomesauce!

And we’ll be doing Mount Rainier, never fear. ZOMG so many things to see and do!!!