Battle o’ the Cats

Ye gods, the news is depressing this week. Between Trayvon and Texas, I’m rather thoroughly hating my country at the moment. I think we could all use a moment of lighthearted relief. Kitty! Kitten! Combat!

Bit of kitteh judo, here.

Bit of kitteh judo, here.

That’s the scene round B’s house these days – at least when Kirby comes home. Poor thing has taken to hanging outside more, where he can sleep in peace. Luna spends most of her time when he’s not there snoozing so she can be wide-awake for her big brudder.

I shot a video for your entertainment.

Later, I may have incisive social commentary, or some geology, or any one of a number of things, but right now, I’m going to make like Kirby and find a quiet place to pass out. That kitten makes me tired just watching her…

Song kindly provided by STEEP. Rather gets in yer head and tumbles round like a kitten on the attack, dunnit?