Gone Gallivanting. Have a Kitten.

ZOMG you guys, I’m finally meeting Anne and Chris this weekend! They’ve driven and flown a long way to get here. I’m driving down in the wee hours of Saturday morning so that we can meet up in Corvallis, and Lockwood’s taking us geogallivanting. Fun times! I owe Chris and Anne a healthy chunk of my career as a geoblogger. It’ll be lovely to thank them in person.

I’m trying to fit in plenty of time with B, Kirby and Luna before I go. We spent a chill Fourth of July watching Alias and MMA and playing with kittehs. Fame doesn’t seem to have gone to their heads quite yet. Kirby spent a few minutes playing with his baby sister between jaunts in the nice weather, and Luna was just outstandingly adorable. Good thing, because she’s pretty much all you’re getting for a few days.

Here she was last week:

Luna lounging.

Luna lounging.

She’d put on a few ounces and was getting better at getting around, but she was still totally awkward kitten. So cute!

With kittens, a week makes a huge difference. She’s gotten bigger, put on more weight, and started getting coordinated. And she’s fast! She’s also bloody adorable: she likes to play around the coffee table now, and will balance on the support rod that runs under it. Wish I could’ve shot that, but it was too dim under there. I did, however, manage some very nice ones with her in her favorite spot on the hearth.

Luna lounging on the hearth.

Luna lounging on the hearth.

And I got tons of her alternately washing herself and playing in my lap.We’re talking serious hilarity here.

Luna in my lap, playing with my hands.

Luna in my lap, playing with my hands.

Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on the dramatic bits in Alias when a kitten’s being this bloody adorable?

Play must pause while the paw is polished.

Play must pause while the paw is polished.

She’s in that ultra-flexible but easily-unbalanced stage where washing is an epic enterprise.

Gotta get that back foot pinned down. It's tricksy!

Gotta get that back foot pinned down. It’s tricksy!

Those toes! They kill me.

Must perform acts worthy of a contortionist to wash back...

Must perform acts worthy of a contortionist to wash back…

Aaaand now we can play again.

Hands off the clean fur, lady!

Hands off the clean fur, lady!


She reminds me of when Misha was young and did those uber-cute things that have you in puddles of squee every ten seconds. Hopefully she won’t grow up to be homicidal. She doesn’t attack sleeping peoples’ toes, so there’s hope. Also, she’s got a lovey-dovey big brother to model proper cuddly behavior. Kirby isn’t quite a lap cat, but he does love his cuddles.

Right. You’re stocked up on squee. I’ll be back soonish with the geo, and pics of four geology folk gallivanting round the beautiful state of Oregon. Love you, my darlings! Be good don’t get caught while I’m gone. And if any of you want to flood me with cute kitten pics while I’m gone, I won’t protest.


  1. machintelligence says

    The bath tub is the best place to play (!) with a mouse. It has no place to hide except under the cat.

  2. Trebuchet says

    I’ve got a full set of little pink toes like that on the chair next to me. And a nose to match! All tucked in right now, unfortunately.

    Have a great gallivant! Take lots of pictures!

  3. evilDoug says

    I highly recommend driving the Alsea highway from Corvallis to Waldport. I swear there are curves on that road that are more than 360 degrees. It is scenic and windy, with a good deal of uppity downity tossed in. The curves are amazingly well built in terms of banking. In most places, the distance between the two yellow lines down the centre is greater than the distance from the white line at the shoulder to the edge of the road. Best avoided if it is foggy.
    Goggle maps actually has “street view” of at least some of it.

  4. F [is for fluvial] says

    Do let us know what happens when such geological greatness is concentrated into one place. Wow!