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Jun 17 2013

Mystery Flora: Arizona in Washington

Mystery Flora I

I know, I know: plants can have a wide range, so it’s silly to be astonished when I see plants from my childhood happily growing in my new home state. But face facts: the portion I live in, the Puget Sound area, is wildly different from Flagstaff. No dry dirt, for one thing. 38 inches …

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Jun 16 2013

Adventures on the Dry Side

Petrified Log at Gingko Petrified Forest Visitor's Center, with Wanapum Lake on the Columbia River in the background.

Having ended up with two days off together, B and I rather precipitously decided on an overnight trip. It being spring, and thus still fickle weather-wise, and given my desire to show him something that would really make his eyes pop, we decided on the Channeled Scablands as a safe bet. We’d already planned on …

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Jun 15 2013

Too Bad They Broke Up

pangea cuddly

The continents were polyamorous. Who knew? Aw, get a room, you crazy kids!

Jun 14 2013

Why Is Kink Fun? A Guest post by Greta Christina

Bending cover jpg 600

Unzip your mind. Sit back, relax with your drink of choice, and read the following with a healthy spirit of inquiry. Many of you won’t even need to do that much – you’re kinky yourownselves, and you’re ready to go dive into the book without advance preparation. Some of you aren’t kinky at all, or …

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Jun 13 2013

Oreogeny! Expanded and Improved at Rosetta Stones

So you remember back when I told you that I’d get round to writing up the series of Oreogeny photos I took? Remember how I didn’t do it, like, forever? The promised post is here at last! Enjoy. With dessert, if possible.

Jun 13 2013

I Dream of Geology

Moi gazing upon the Galice Formation.

No, really, I do. In the past, I’ve gone on geotrips with Lockwood and led people on geology tours. More recently, there’s been a Mount Rainier series. In the first one, the mountain erupted, and I was scrambling for a good vantage point to get you guys awesome photos – see, I dream of you, …

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Jun 12 2013

Cryptopod: Come Into My Parlour

Ye olde waggone wheel rimme.

“Emulate nature,” they say. “We should strive to be more like the natural world,” they say. They apparently have never observed nature in action, because we already do emulate nature. We’re vicious rat-bastards who lie, cheat, steal, rape and kill* – all things you will find nature doing vigorously and thoroughly every day. For instance, …

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Jun 11 2013

Nate Adds a Few Cents


Our own NateHevens has a few words to say about Good Christians™ himself. Look… I get that you’re not like those Christians. I get that you’re a good, loving Christian who’d never send death threats. I get that you’re pro-choice, that you don’t have a problem with non-straight marriage, that you’re open and experimental in …

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Jun 10 2013

Ron Lindsay’s Extraordinary Bullshit II, In Which I Compose a Letter


Here is the missive I have sent to the board of CfI. Dear CfI Board Members: You may notice that I haven’t spent this opening paragraph telling you how grateful I am that you have championed excellent causes in our secular community. Of course CfI has done great work in the past. We in the …

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Jun 10 2013

Christian “Love” and Christian Dissociation


(This was written long ago, and I never got round to posting it, but a fresh infusion of Good Christian Love™ has made it quite relevant. So why the hell not?) I’m so tired of this. I’m tired of hearing people prattle on about “God is Love” and what loving, moral people religion makes. It …

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