New at Rosetta Stones: Something Old (and, Remarkably, Less Boring Than You’d Expect)

So I’m still wrestling with Franklin Falls, I’ve 10,000 things to distract me, and I’m sadly behind on pretty much everything. But some of the stuff from my old days is going to be new to some of you, so what the heck – let’s share the ETEV love with Rosetta Stones. I shall show you why reading geologic technical pamphlets that go with geologic maps is actually quite fascinating. Believe it or not, this stuff can be rather dramatic. Go find out how!


  1. rq says

    Are you going to do another review on another type of rock? We had igneous, can you re-post metamorphic and/or sedimentary? It really helped me!

  2. Funny Diva says

    NOTHING you have to say about rocks is expected to be boring!

    But then, NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition, either…

  3. says

    “Reading this pamphlet was like parking the TARDIS and watching 40 million years of subduction zone antics unfold:”

    BTW have you read Vernor Vinge’s _Marooned in Real Time_? There is a scene in that which you would love.