A Cobbly Work of Art

Geology art + geology pun = pretty much a win, methinks.

geo art pun

Kinda looks like Callan… I think it’s the beard. And the enthusiasm.


  1. says

    There used to be a British kids’ TV show called Art Attack that showed a segment in each episode in which someone made a large-scale image out of ordinary objects, like rocks or laundry or discarded hair at a barber shop…this reminds me of that show a lot!

  2. aspidoscelis says

    Outside of Las Cruces we have the Organ Mountains. The northern third of the range–the really distinctive, photogenic part that everyone notices–is quartz monzonite.

    I make “take it for granite” jokes frequently about this. ‘Cause, you know, quartz monzonite looks like granite. Almost everyone thinks it is granite. I thought it was granite, until reading otherwise. If there is anything in the world that people are going to take for granite, it’s quartz monzonite.

  3. aspidoscelis says

    On the other hand, despite the lovely artful arrangement of rocks, there is nothing in that image that I would mistake for granite. :-)