Geologists are Punny, Mark II

You all seemed to enjoy Mark I. The geopuns flew fast and furious, and some of you achieved heights I never expected. So Mark II seems almost anti-climactic, but I’m hoping it inspires you to exceed your personal best. I’ll do up a post with your puns soon, and propel you to fame, if not fortune. I doubt it’ll take much to get you all started.


geo puns II

Is it the beer? Or is it just an innate perversity in our personalities? All I know is that even the anti-punsters among us can’t help ourselves.


  1. Truckle says

    Careful, If you look at too much cleavage you might end up Cummingtonite…

  2. Lithified Detritus says

    I’m glad Dana started over with a clean slate. This has been a beryl of laughs.

  3. lockwooddewitt says

    Here’s my favorite I’ve come up with, from

    Matt Damon has confirmed that he will play the role of an amnesiac prospector, who is also a trained assassin, dueling with a rogue government agency over control of a fantastically valuable copper deposit. Due to his amnesia, he is only occasionally able to recognize the tell-tale minerology of the ore.

    Damon is hinting that the movie will be called “The Bornite Identity.”