New at Rosetta Stones: Re-introducing the Woman Who Inspired Batman

It’s a repost, I’m afraid, but if you missed Mary Roberts Rinehart the first time round, you’ll be happy to make her acquaintance. I’m hoping to make it to Cascade Pass this summer to walk in her footsteps a bit. If you’d like to join, let me know and we’ll get a trip arranged.



  1. rq says

    I wish they’d started that franchise off as Batwoman, as inspired by her. But oh well, Batman is also kind of cool.
    And thanks for the re-post: back when you posted the first time, I’d actually wanted to find that book and read it, but I couldn’t find the name, and was way too lazy to search through your posts/the internet, and it didn’t seem that important. But now I know! :)
    (Also, the rhodies here are starting to bloom… We have our first flowering bush! Would you like to see?)