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May 31 2013

New Geokittehs Post by Moi!

Y’all should be checking Geokittehs on a regular basis already – Evelyn’s done an excellent job keeping the site up-to-date whilst I’ve been busy (or busy wasting time) elsewhere. But thanks to you lot, I’ve got a post up there at last! Do go enjoy the Dipuurgent Boundary, and remember to show Evelyn some love …

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May 31 2013

In Which The Cat Is Not Amused

Kitteh sez "Whut?"

So I did some mad cleaning, the kind you do when you’re disgusted with life, the Universe and everything, and decide to take it out on your poor innocent apartment. Misha slept happily through most of it, except for those bits where she stirred to come snigger at me whilst I was down on my …

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May 30 2013


Oreogenic Belt.

“Needs an image illustrating oreogeny,” Chris Clarke says. Not happy with a geology prof’s work, are we? Well, then. Never let it be said I ignore reader requests – and I even fulfill them when I’ve got a bag of Oreos in the cupboard and the request comes in during an afternoon where I have …

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May 30 2013

Oreo Tectonics

oreo tectonics

I’m one of those freaks of nature who doesn’t much like Oreos. However, I feel differently about them now that many of you, along with my Facebook friend Raymond Dickey, shared this: Okay, now I want an Oreo cookie! I didn’t realize they could be such perfect geology teaching tools. I’ll have to employ them …

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May 30 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: the Queen of Karst

Our next installment in the Pioneering Women in the Geosciences is up: Marjorie Sweeting. Like karst? You’ll love Marjorie!

May 29 2013

What About Teh Menz? – Answered!

slam dunk

The next time some sniveling asshat starts the “But what about teh menz?!” whine, don’t sweat it. Yeah, it’s annoying as shit, and we’ve answered that “patriarchy hurts men too” about five quadrillion-zillion times, and we’re tired of it, but it’s all good. The question has been answered by someone with a masculine voice and …

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May 28 2013

Ron Lindsay’s Extraordinary Bullshit Part I: Wherein We Have a Discussion About Open Letters

Dissapointed cat

I’ve been meaning to parse and publish this for some time. Remember all the way back when Ron Lindsay published and signed that open letter that wasn’t so much a call for civility as a call to STFU? Remember when people got upset? Yeah. Well. According to the letter, we were supposed to call folks …

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May 27 2013

“A Pattern Called a War”

Sunday Afternoon - Ladies in a Garden. Detail of painting by unknown English School artist.

Memorial Day… Traditional to remember the sacrifice of soldiers on this day, the battlefield fallen. And we do. But today, let’s also remember those the fallen leave behind. Patterns by Amy Lowell I walk down the garden paths, And all the daffodils Are blowing, and the bright blue squills. I walk down the patterned garden …

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May 26 2013

Geotrippin’ Parte the Thirde: To the Bat Cave!

Moi with column. Image credit Lockwood DeWitt.

On the dawn of Day Four, I was about to say, “Sod this for a game of larks – let’s go back and see the bits of the Josephine we missed!” Because, you see, we were headed for Oregon Caves. And I’ve been through caves. And they never let me take pictures. So I end …

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May 25 2013

Geotrippin’ Parte the – Oh, Crap, I Forgot Cape Blanco!

Moi at Cape Blanco

Going through photos for the next installment, I realized I neglected to mention the stop by the fastest-rising most-westernest bit of the Oregon Coast on Day the Seconde*. Sorry bout that. Here ’tis: Those holes I’m staring at are places where birds live, carved into this very soft sandstone and conglomerate. That’s at the top …

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