Sunday Song: I’m Alive

Here’s another one for you bagpipe aficionados. I actually found it a long time ago, then forgot which it was, then didn’t listen to that part of my playlist for ages, then got a pleasant surprise when I finally did that bit. And I was all like, “Oh, hai, I’d better do that as the Sunday Song for my bagpipe loving peeps.” So here ’tis:

In keeping with our “alive” theme, here’s a lovely song by Katra with alive in the chorus.

I love Katra. They make me a deeply happy human.


  1. rowanvt says

    BAGPIPES! *giant bounces pile of glee* I really really like that second one a lot, though. Even if it does lack bagpipes.

  2. rq says

    Eh? I thought I commented on this yesterday – *pleasant shivers* (Mostly for the bagpipes, but only mostly!)