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Halp! We Need Kittehs for Evelyn!

Our own Dr. Evelyn had quite a scare recently – some asshole broke in to her flat and stole her laptop. She wasn’t harmed, but she’s considerably shaken up and in need of an infusion of kittehs. Send her your cute kitteh photos asap! You can reach her at geokittehs at gmail dot com. We’ll take them all, the more the merrier. Someday, they may even achieve some fame as Geokittehs!

Misha imitating a boulder in a stream bed.

Misha imitating a boulder in a stream bed.


  1. rq says

    I’ll get on it soon, I have a backlog of several potential geokittehs, but honestly, I’d like some new material. That Cat should learn to co-operate. *huff*