New at Rosetta Stones: Our Series on STEM Men’s Work-Life Balance Kicks Off

Gilbert was kind enough to share his story for us. I’m not usually the kind of person who goes all melty over family stuff, but his family is adorable and he made me go “Awww!” a lot. I think you’ll love him. Go read, my darlings.


  1. jenniferphillips says

    Loved the article–very timely for me as a full-time scientist and mom to whom the lion’s share of the kid care, feeding, transport, etc. still falls. I’m sitting at home with a sick daughter right now, thinking about all the work waiting for me at the lab and the massive deadlines converging on the end of this month, and how long it’s been since her last dose of Ibuprofen, and how likely it is that this is strep throat. “Juggling act” is an inadequate descriptor. Most days when I can get in a morning run, crank out brilliant (well, competent, anyway) science, get both kids to from soccer practice in two places at the same time, help with homework, have dinner on the table by 7 and run a school fundraising meeting can feel like a well-executed Rubenstein’s Revenge, but most days it feels more like dodgeball. :-/

  2. moarscienceplz says

    Sometimes, they’re called upon to be police officer, detective, and judge.

    This made me giggle!