New at Rosetta Stones: Why We Mustn’t Shut Up About Geology

In case anyone ever asks you why you’re so obsessed with rocks, show them this. And don’t ever hold your tongue. We need to talk about geology.

Really, ultimately, it’s because of things like this:

Shake Map for Cascadia M 9.0 Earthquake Scenario. Image courtesy USGS.

Shake Map for Cascadia M 9.0 Earthquake Scenario. Image courtesy USGS.

Someday, possibly in our lifetimes, the Pacific Northwest will experience the full-rip nine. Every place has its dangerous geology. If people don’t understand it, if we don’t talk about it, no one will be prepared for events like this.

Also importantly, geology is cool.


  1. Lithified Detritus says

    HUZZAH!!! I teach middle school Earth Science, and preach this same sermon over & over.

    I’m active in professional organizations that work to promote Earth & Space science. It’s incredibly frustrating that in spite of the efforts of many people these subjects are being increasingly marginalized. My state is essentially pushing all Earth Science to the 8th grade, and trying to eliminate it in high school.

    The attitude that Earth Science is just “Rocks for Jocks” is pervasive. My daughter wanted to take geology in high school, and was told that she was too good a student for the class. ARRGH!

    It’s not just geology, either. Would Bobby JimmyJoeBob have mocked the National Hurricane Center? I don’t think so, because that’s a little too close to home. It’s the same with all of these yahoos – all for protecting their own interests, and screw everyone else.

    Sorry – I’ll stop ranting now…