An Amazing Truth for Pi Day

It’s 3-14. That means I get to share math humor with you.

Shamelessly filched from Epic LOL.

Shamelessly filched from Epic LOL.

Criminy, I’m hungry all of a sudden…


  1. Lofty says

    Only in US-centric countries. English tradition makes it 14/3. So I have to do without Pi for dessert. Enjoy your American Pi. ;-)

  2. says

    Lofty, perhaps you’re thinking of July 22 for the rest of us Anglophiles… (and it’s a slightly closer approximation than 3.14!)

    But that would be a very long time extra to have to wait for pie.

  3. says

    Especially since it’s actually written 22/7.
    It’s always struck me as really, really weird and illogical the way we do dates over here (I started out over there where it’s done rather better).
    Month, day, year!?? Why not do minutes, seconds, hours too for the consistency???
    The Japanese (and the Unixies) do it properly: year, month, day, hour, minute, second…

  4. says

    @ Lofty Do they now? 14/3? That seems wildly inaccurate. Sure it wasn’t in Indiana?? :-)

    When I went to school (50s-mid 60s) in the UK (and Uni too) it was always 22/7

  5. rq says

    *giggle* Pi is backwards pie. No wonder it makes such a mess of things. Just pie would make things a lot simpler. Would you like half a pie or a sixth of a pie on that graph? Apple or blueberry?

  6. A Hermit says

    Someone tried to tell me pie r squared. Pie r NOT square. Pie r round. Cake r square…

  7. says

    This isn’t original, but imagine a pizza of radius z, with the height of base and toppings equal to a. Then,

    volume = pi · z · z · a

    (I’m using the dot product for multiplication rather than the × symbol, since that would make the thing look like ‘pixzxzxa’ which is a pretty lousy word! ;) )

  8. Lofty says

    14/3 being the actual date in the post, not the number pi. Sheesh! On the twenty-second of July I may indeed have some pi that I’ve had my square-root-of-minus-one on.
    Totally on topic, I once saw a news article reporting on a student savant who had reputedly memorised the value of pi to some humungous number of digits. Trouble was, the accompanying photo showed said nerd had written 3.1428571 and then he stopped. Ha ha. I too could write down 22/7 until my arm fell off. Big deal.