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Link Love, Plus Lovely Photos

The sun came out in patches today, so I saddled up the camera and headed out to that lovely spot along North Creek I found a few weeks back. Spent many hours there, and I seriously have four hundred photos to go through. You’re going to have some awesome stuff, including an educational video on the feeding behaviors of sparrows, when I’m finished.

Of course, this means that instead of writing a substantial post, I’m watching Inspector Lewis and editing photos. Good thing other folks have been writing substantial posts. We’ve certainly got enough to keep everyone out of trouble for a few hours.

Junco and rock.

Junco and rock.

Thanks to a commenter, I can’t remember when or where, linked to this post on A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, and it’s well-worth bookmarking for sending to those who can’t imagine why blaming victims is a problem: What A Victim-Blaming World Looks Like To A Victim.

And here’s a post on Trungles I wish had been there when I was in college: Dear Liberal Allies – what your college courses on oppression didn’t tell you.

Here’s a nice resource from our own Stephanie Zvan for the next time some schmuck spouts this argument: But Men Work More Hours.

If Matt Barber’s disgusting letter to gay teens left you speechless, no worries: JT has you covered. Open letter to Matt Barber.

Botanical sun.

Botanical sun.

How shall we segue from social justice to science? By combining the two! Via Skepchick, A Tree for a Day looks at Challenges for Women in Science in 2013.

Also via Skepchick, Behind NMR Lines has a fantastic write-up of Inspirational Women: Chemistry Edition.

Geese on Stream.

Geese on Stream.

Silver Fox, one of my favorite geobloggers, is celebrating her Five-year Blogger-versary!! If you haven’t started reading her yet, that post is an excellent introduction to her work. Even if you’re familiar, the pictures are worth heading over for.

Speaking of photos, Chris Clarke has a spectacular shot of weathered granite: I’ve been being mainly non-verbal today. Wonderland of Rocks indeed!

And further fantastic photos at Callan’s place, if you haven’t seen them: Friday fold: Martin’s metamorphics. Yum!

Can’t top that. Have a cat instead.

Kitteh in rare winter sunshine.

Kitteh in rare winter sunshine.

There may be folks in the audience here that want to do science outreach, but are a little intimidated about how to start. Lockwood wrote up a conversation about just that, and has some good tips at Outreach Blogging on Blogging Outreach.

Please extend welcomes, but not the customary beer, to our newest geoblogger, Geo Kid, at her premier post: Scenic Saturday: Beaver Marsh, Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It has got a chickadee in it, and beavers, and canals, and science – something for everyone!

And I very much like this post by Chris Rowan, and wish I had a basement now. We have a seismometer in our basement… Fun fact: due to research I did on Inge Lehmann, I was able to recognize some of the seismic waves and knew what a shadow zone was even before reading the post. Now I’ve read Chris’s post, Inge’s work won’t be so difficult for me to comprehend. I’ll be linking this post again when I do her writeup.

Thorn, leaf

Thorn, leaf

Have a hankering for a long read about volcanoes? I haven’t got to our next Mount St. Helens installment yet, but in the meantime, there’s an excerpt from a new book on Tambora, which is delicious and makes me think I’ve found part of my summer reading. If I can hold out that long. Tambora Erupts in 1815 and Changes World History [Excerpt].

And, finally, the post that disturbed me the most. It wasn’t the content so much as the visual. Spider-Man’s Penis and Science Communication.

I’m not sure my cat fully approves.

Kitteh disapproves.

Kitteh disapproves.

I’m not sure she was entirely on board with the mommy-on-the-floor-with-a-camera program. But it was fun, and we both got sunbeams. Hopefully you will, too – but if not, I hope your indoor reading needs have been at least partially met by the above.


  1. rq says

    *ahem* Canada geese…
    And, because looks like another distraction is welcome, here are some rocks we found recently while exploring our new neighbourhood, and here’s that brave cat who thought it would be cool to be OutdoorCat, but who realized that nothing beats bacon and heat when you’re a coddled IndoorCat (now he just poses on the balcony-terrace instead). :)

    (Actually I’m just retaliating, because I should be working, but you have posted a whole list of interesting posts that I Shall Now Have to Read.)

  2. Trebuchet says

    So many links, so little time.

    Ok, I lied. Time is something I’ve got lots of. I shall enjoy these this afternoon.