Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 07 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: The Testimony of Vehicles

So I thought I would do a short little aside on vehicles and what happened to them during the lateral blast at Mount St. Helens, only it turned out to be a long big aside and has to be split into two parts. This always happens to me. Here’s part one, wherein we deal with …

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Feb 06 2013

Bodacious Botany: Not Mace, I Said A Mace

Bodacious Botany I

You’ll understand the reason for the title in a moment, although if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’re already sniggering. Right, so, here we are. Due to my mad photo organizing skillz and an inordinate amount of British detective shows, I’ve now got a folder full o’ botany. I figure I might as well get …

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Feb 05 2013

Definitely Not Equal

There’s this thing guaranteed to jam my rage button in the on position, and it’s when supercilious people whine, “But both sides do it!” in response to whatever outrageous behavior is noticed to be deepening the rifts in atheism at the moment. Let’s see what both sides are up to. I see we have Rebecca …

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Feb 04 2013

Various Updates, Helpfully Illustrated with Possibly Artistic Photos

Moi at Paulina Peak.

So, things. Things have happened, and are happening, and sometimes some of you ask after them, which means other of you have thought of asking but haven’t because you don’t want to ask. So I’ll give you a few updates. Firstly, this isn’t me anymore.

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Feb 03 2013

Ensuring Women Remain Part of the Secular Movement

Having your consciousness raised is interesting. It’s a strange sensation, seeing the scenes that previously wouldn’t have caused a single eyelash to step up to the plate, spit on its hands, and prepare to bat. Then it’s pointed out to you that something’s wrong with the picture, and your eyelashes resemble the batter’s cage at …

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Feb 02 2013

Saturday Song: Butterfly Lovers

Black and white and beautiful all over.

Okay, so this is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen human beings do. Well, do while dancing, anyway. I mean, she’s standing en pointe on this dude’s head, and – just watch. Words. I haven’t any. I just. That’s simply. Mwah. You know what, that’s art. That’s pure bloody art right there, and it’s …

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Feb 01 2013

Freethought Friday: Quotable Atheists I

Oh, those early freethinkers could turn a phrase on a dime, my darlings, and it’s time we had a selection of their quotable bits. Here I’ve a small selection of quotes loosely themed around religion and morality. Do you have any favorites of your own? Do share! Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “When women understand that governments …

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Feb 01 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: A Survivor’s Tale

One of the commenters over at Rosetta Stones left a trail of clues pointing to his write-up of his experiences during the May 18th, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Follow the breadcrumbs for a thrilling read!

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