Sunday Song: The Origin

Winter songs will have to wait, seeing as how it’s Darwin Day. Happy Darwin Day! And I have just the musical accompaniment for today: Richard Einhorn’s oratorio The Origin.

I wrote about it back when he was just finishing it up, and though I’ve never got to see it performed, happily YouTube allows us to live the experience vicariously. Well, part of the experience. Alas, the whole experience isn’t up, but at least we get a little something.

I love the idea of Darwin on stage. I love the concept of taking the book that revolutionized biology and turning its words into song. Quite lovely.

Here’s my favorite song from it so far:

It doesn’t surprise me that Richard was able to turn Darwin’s words into music – The Origin is beautifully written. Have you read it? Go read it. And remember that Darwin was a geologist, first, and wrote several books on geology, which may not be as gripping a read to those who like soft squishy things but will fascinate those who like nice hard things. Here are his books, free to all. Take a moment to dip in and see how The Origin originated.

And have yourself a most excellent Darwin Day, my darlings.

Charles Darwin. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Charles Darwin. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.