Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 28 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: We Have Successfully Delivered a Bouncing Baby Cinder Cone

The second (and for now, last) installment of the birth of Parícutin is now up at Rosetta Stones. I’d like to say something profound and deep about it, but it was an eventful delivery, and I’m tuckered. I shall rely upon you, my darlings, to say the appropriate words in comments if the spirit moves …

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Feb 27 2013

Mystery Flora: Pretentions of Grapeness

Mystery Flower I

Let’s do something seasonal, shall we? These flowers that seem to want to be grapes were blooming at Juanita Bay middle of last February. You’re probably going to tell me they’re some sort of horrid invasive thingy. Just bizarre, aren’t they? Leaves look a bit like holly, sorta-kinda, and then you get these tight tentacles …

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Feb 27 2013

Damn Sensible Advice

Sage advice. Image courtesy Shut the Front Door.

My stepmother posted this in her timeline, and it seems quite apropos. Damn skippy I’m not. Never have been – I don’t have this diplomatic tendency to run about trying to make everyone all harmonize together. I don’t mind patiently talking to someone whose point of view differs from mine, as long as they aren’t …

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Feb 26 2013

Answering an Aspiring Author: What I Loved

"This artist concept illustrates how a massive collision of objects perhaps as large as the planet Pluto smashed together to create the dust ring around the nearby star Vega." Alternatively, it describes the brain of a speculative fiction writer. Image and part of the caption courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

A friend o’ mine is about to embark upon a program of self-loathing and torture a bit of sci fi writing. He turned to me for advice. A few questions have been asked, and I figured answering in public may perhaps be useful in case anyone else in the cantina plans to embark upon the …

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Feb 25 2013

New at Rosetta Stones: Geology! on Mars!

I can’t wait until there’s actual papers to write up. For now, there’s a photo, and a first, and an announcement from NASA, so do go enjoy. How I long to be a rover right now….

Feb 25 2013

Being Visible

Agents of change make status quo folks rather squirmy. Folks who were previously absent or invisible either join up or speak up, and next thing you know, colored people want to drink out of lily-white fountains, and red people want their land back and treaties honored, and homosexuals want to get married, and women want …

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Feb 24 2013

Sunday Song: Under Ice

Under Ice I

Dunno about where you’re at, but Seattle’s pushing spring already. We never did get a proper winter. Still, there are days when the wind blows sharp and cold, and one is reminded that spring ain’t properly here yet. Which is good, because I have six billion winter songs and about a trillion pretty pictures of …

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Feb 23 2013

Sublime Saturday: “Flowing Rock”

Little bit o’ volcanic beauty for your Saturday, my darlings. I’ve been spelunking the intertoobz for suitable illustrations for a coming post, and stumbled across Paul Bica on Flickr. I think you’ll like him. He’s got your hawt rawks right here.

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Feb 22 2013

Friday Freethought: “The Dubious Blessings of Christianity”

Sunday is the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers, which you can find out more about at their Facebook page and on this guest post at Greta’s. And Naima Washington reminds us that the atheist movement at large is still doing a terrible job at diversity. It’s not just women who get shut out. It …

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Feb 21 2013

Unidentified Flying Dinosaur: Nest Medley


You know something about winter I never gave a shit about before I met you lot? Leaves off trees. Used to hate that. Depressing little bare skeletal things scratching at the sky, dead season, awful. Then you came round with your bird-identifying ways, and turns out you like nests, and so now I have a …

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