Jan 14 2013

Supercrow and Other Natural Art Stories

Sorry for bugging out on you, my darlings. The sun came out in midwinter in Seattle. Then there was The Hobbit. And basking in the sun with the cat. And then filtered sunlight, but still more than adequate for wandering about photographing interesting ice. Then more basking in the sun with the cat, this time with the cat atop me, and an inordinate amount of photo editing on a rather excessive number of photos. Excuses, excuses – but you may enjoy the results.

I found a new bit of North Creek I’ve not been to yet. It’s tucked behind a business park, and it’s remarkably lovely, filled with birds and assorted wildlife, wonderful examples of waterways, and some fabulous ice. I’ve now folders full of delights, which I shall parcel out as time goes on.

We’ll begin with some efforts at art. I’ve been playing around with photo editing, attempting to turn some of the more boring shots into something rather more interesting. This one started out as a disastrous photo of a flock of waterfowl who took off over the pond upon my appearance.

Flock of Waterbirds over a North Creek Pond.

Flock of Waterbirds over a North Creek Pond.

Now I think it looks vaguely Impressionist. Well, perhaps a drunk Impressionist at the beginning of an attempt at an art career that ended rather soon thereafter.

Black Ripple, Blue Water

Black Ripples, Blue Water

Much of the pond was ice (which means I have enough material for a Ducks on Ice theme for you), but there were bits of open water with interesting water birds, and interesting ripples. I clipped the above ripples out of the 9 billionth picture of some very lovely UFDs that were paddling about. You’ll probably laugh at me for not knowing what it is.

Reflections and Ripples

Reflections and Ripples

The drunk Impressionist strikes again, I’m afraid. Bit o’ some ripples, reflections of branches, bits o’ branches poking out.

Bridge Over Mostly Untroubled But Definitely Busy Waters.

Bridge Over Mostly Untroubled But Definitely Busy Waters.

The creek flowed vigorously, full of water from recent storms. There was evidence that it had been rather boisterous during at least one of the downpours. And with its bridge and its flow, it made a nice study. A little fiddling with filters, and I can play at being Ansel Adams for three minutes.

Yeah, well, I like it.

Ice Lily, Ice Shards

Ice Lily, Ice Shards

So this is a pretty little bit of ice that formed round a stump or some such. I love the patterns that form in ice. I wish I knew more about why they happen.

Circles and Lines

Circles and Lines

I imagine, when I go out there this summer, I’ll be seeing the plants leaving these sticks all over. And there were these magnificent circular ripples with the sun shimmering off them.

Anatinae, reflectere

Anatinae, reflectere

This female mallard (I believe that’s what she is, anyway) reflected so clearly in the rippling waters of the pond is quite wonderful. Alas, I chopped off her upper half. We’ll pretend this is intentional. It is Art.

This next qualifies as an intentional unintentional shot, as I was trying to photograph this particular crow, and thought it hadn’t turned out well, but upon a closer look, it turns out to be rather neat.

It's a Bird, It's a Pla- Definitely a Bird - It's Supercrow!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Pla- Definitely a Bird – It’s Supercrow!

Looks like it’s off to save the world, dunnit? I quite like it.

And, finally, a lovely leaf encased in ice at the bottom of an occasional cascade.

Leaf in Ice

Leaf in Ice

Yes, it has been cold lately. And the cold can do some beautiful things to remnants of autumn. That’s nature’s art, that is. Wonderful stuff. All one has to do is choose it, photograph it, and pick a bit of it to frame.

I do love this beautiful world of ours.


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  1. 1

    *thumbs up*
    Gorgeous photos, very artistic (and impressionistic – 1 and 3, to be precise).
    Sorry if I’m scarce this week, work seminar (new program! hours of training! yay!).

  2. 2
    Silver Fox

    Very interesting, I especially like Leaf in Ice, the half duck, and the Circles and Lines (but I’m partial to reflections!).

  3. 3

    I really like these! They would make some great/infuriating jigsaw puzzles. Looking forward to the Duck Quiz.

  4. 4
    Karen Locke


  5. 5

    Gorgeous! Not too sure about the duck, it might actually be a female green winged teal.

  6. 6
    Gregory in Seattle

    It certainly was a nice weekend in Seattle… if you are a penguin. Around here, clear skies in winter means that the city is not wearing its nice, insulated coat that keeps the heat in. However, I got some beautiful shots of needle frost this weekend, including a few that were oddly curled.

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