Nov 18 2012

Sunday Song: Autumn Interlude

You know how you hear a word that you weren’t paying much attention to, and suddenly it’s everywhere? Yeah. That’s happening with autumn. Here I am, minding my own business, listening to my new favorite radio app Jango (ha ha ha fuck you and your intrusive ads, Pandora!), and thinking I had autumn songs sewn up already because, hey, I have a whole bloody playlist full of ‘em – then they hit me with two more. And they are gorgeous.

First, though, a photo to get you all in the mood.

Autumn leaf falling

Autumn leaf falling

Right, then. Here’s the first: Amethystium’s “Autumn Interlude.” You’ll notice the video itself is short on autumn, but since it’s long on geology, hydrology, meteorology, astronomy, probably some other ologies I failed to notice, and ends with a spectacular plunge that will leave you breathless with delight, watch it anyway.

I would just like to point out a few things about Amethystium that I love. First, Amethystium. Yes, one of my favorite semi-precious gems. Second, amazing good music. Third, one of his albums is named Odonata and a second has a very lovely dragonfly illustration, so fellow dragonfly-adorer.  Nice!

Anyway, I shall now make up for the lack of autumn images in that video for “Autumn Interlude.” And how.

Autumn I

Autumn I

Autumn II

Autumn II

Autumn III

Autumn III

Autumn IV

Autumn IV

Now, long-time readers may remember I have an Epica obsession. Favorite band of all time that isn’t the Peacemakers. And Jango played me a song by them I’d never heard, and the chorus has the phrase “autumn leaves,” and so I did a mad little dance and decided forthwith I must share it with you. This is a beautiful, if somewhat melancholy, song.

Oh, Simone Simon always, always, captivates. Her voice. Wow.

Right, more autumn.

Autumn V

Autumn V

Autumn VI

Autumn VI

But the rains have come, the trees are nearly bare (aside from that one by the door that refuses to let go of its summer foliage), and autumn is over. Let us have the last of the autumn music, then, beginning with a choir piece for RQ: “Autumn Song.”

And we’ll bring our autumn escapades to a close with a lovely choral version of “Sato no Aki.”

Seems like a good sendoff to the season.

Autumn rain through sunlight

Autumn rain through sunlight


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  1. 1
    Argle Bargle

    listening to my new favorite radio app Jango (ha ha ha fuck you and your intrusive ads, Pandora!)

    Thanks for this. I’ve got a new app in my bookmarks.

    1. 1.1
      Dana Hunter

      Isn’t it great? I’m so happy I found it – went through a lot before finding that one, and they all sucked. Jango does a good job!

  2. 2

    Love the leaves-on-the-ground picture!

    The thing that bugs me about Autumn is; we’re treated to an explosion of mind-blowing gorgeous color, then plunged into California Dreamin’ for the next several months.

    Not all bad, I guess; it’s one of the most awesome songs ever written.

    1. 2.1
      Dana Hunter

      Growing up in AZ, I never really grokked that song, but it was still catchy. ;-) Hate this season, especially in places with more deciduous than evergreen. We get fireworks and then blah. But endless sun gets boring, so grass, green, meh.

      I’ve got another leaves-on-ground that I love and you might enjoy, so maybe this won’t be the final autumn post after all.

  3. 3

    I’m loving these seasonal posts. And that last photo, the one with the rain, is great – it’s actually making me nostalgic for Vancouver winters.

    1. 3.1
      Dana Hunter

      Awww, thanks! I’m hoping Seattle will give us some interesting but not *too* interesting photo ops this winter. Then I can do you all up some winter-themed songs. ;-)

  4. 4


    Epica aren’t the only ones from the Netherlands. Better suited for this post would have been…

    AUTUMN! (^.^)

    Other fine bands are:
    The Gathering (the oldest)
    Within Temptation (earlier work)
    After Forever

    Not a band but a project is Ayreon.

  5. 5

    I second heliconia, I love the seasonal posts, even more so because everything is already in the Dead Grey Stage here, complete with Mist, Fog, and Relentless Rain. :) The bright colours remind me that it is possible to love autumn. Also, they’re pretty.
    Thanks for the song for me, too – lovely.

    PS If you like dragonflies, you should try Coheed and Cambria. One of their main symbols is a dragonfly, plus they have some weird story-line going through their music. Loved them a long time, and they got me through some dark times.

    1. 5.1
      Dana Hunter

      Nice! I plan to do some more in-depth listening, but I like them already at one song!

  6. 6

    Also, choirs and music – don’t know if you managed to hear it, but my choir has an autumn song in our playlist, as well. It’s fifth one down, Vokalīze GĀJPUTNI. It’s about birds migrating in autumn (where ‘gājputni’ means ‘migrating birds’, literally meaning ‘go-birds’; sounds a lot nicer in Latvian :) ).

  7. 7
    Christoph Zurnieden

    Yes, the last picture is really nice! With a little help here and there it will make a great poster (about 6 x 10 inches with a 300 dpi printer but blowing it up to about 12 x 21 won’t make much difference, even tripling it to 18 x 32 would do, depending on the interpolation algorithm used). I could do such helping myself but I thought it is probably more useful to write a little tutorial for Gimp such that others can do the same with their pictures, too. Not aimed at getting a perfect result but at getting a better picture without much ado in a couple of minutes. (I really sound like a commercial here, do I not?)
    If you scroll down you will find out that the macro function of your camera is not that bad either.

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