Unidentified Flying Dinosaur: Geologist Bird

This is another UFD from Eskered, and I think it is my favorite. I teased it a while back, saying “There’s one, especially, that geologists are going to identify with. It’s definitely our kind o’ bird.” RQ hazarded a guess as to what that might be. It was an excellent guess, but rocks are only one aspect to being a geologist.

The other is, of course, beer.

I’ve worried in the past that my distaste for beer means I can’t ever be a Real Geologist™, but Brian Romans and others assured me other forms of edible alcohol can be substituted, so we’re all right. However, this UFD has no problem at all with the most important aspect of being a geologist after the geoscience and the rock hammer. Therefore, I declare it an honorary geologist.


UFD I. Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand. Beer can for size. Image courtesy Eskered.

How do we know this bird is a geologist? We can tell it is even without any telltale outcrops in the area. It is hanging around the beer. It is perfectly alert despite hanging around the beer. It looks as if it’s chock full of intelligence, yet it’s a down-to-earth and approachable intelligence. It’s dressed casually in colors that will hold up in the field. It is standing between you and the sandals, as if to say, “Those would be a bad idea to wear while bashing rocks. I’d consider other shoes. Oh, we’re staying in camp for the rest of the day? Right. Crack me open another beer, then, and I’ll let you have your sandals back.”


UFD II. Cropped to better show the most important bits: the bird and the beer. Image courtesy Eskered.

You’ve never yet failed at an identification, my darlings, but if this bird eludes your best efforts, I suggest we figure out the proper scientific Latin for “small brown geologist bird” and claim it as that.

Hell, if you identify this bird, we’ll rename it anyway.