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Accretionary Wedge #51 Now Available – Geopoetry at Its Best!

Wow-e-wow. When Matt announced geopoetry as #51’s theme, I figured he’d get a few pieces, a little bit of fun stuff and some cute and clever entries. I didn’t expect so many folks in the geoblogosphere to be full-on poets. This is a beautiful collection.

And might I just mention, I love this photo Matt chose to accompany my own entry?

A beautiful vista of Coal Lake and Coal Ridge in the Yukon. (Photo: Matt Herod)

A beautiful vista of Coal Lake and Coal Ridge in the Yukon. (Photo and caption courtesy Matt Herod. Used with permission.)

Love love love!

Our own Karen Locke came in for some considerable praise.

Karen Locke has written a wonderful story in poetic form about a trip to Vaughn Gulch. This poem really brings the feeling of the place out and the experience of being on a geology class trip. A truly remarkable piece and I really love the end and how it captures the feeling that there is always more to see.

Exactly so!

Take some time to go savor these paeans to the good science of rock-breaking. And give Matt some love – he put together something special here.