Nov 11 2012

Sunday Song: Sato No Aki

So I went a little nuts on photographing autumn foliage this year. Then I went a little more nuts on finding songs about autumn on YouTube. Look, I was multitasking during that last bit – and some of the songs I found are bonza. Problem is, there are too many of them.

Ah, well. We’ll just have a few to start, and you can go sample ye olde Aki playlist at will, and perhaps I’ll throw a few more up over the next few weeks, before autumn (aki) is officially over.

This is so far my favorite version of “Sato no aki”  (里の秋) – which as far as I can tell means something like “village of autumn” or “autumn in the village” – but some of you will know.


And some lovely autumn foliage.

Autumn Leaves I

Autumn Leaves I

North Creek Autumn

North Creek Autumn

So that last photo is no “Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake,” but it’ll do.

Love that song – very mellow and melodious.

Autumn Leaves II

Autumn Leaves II

Autumn Leaves III

Autumn Leaves III

This next find surprised and delighted me quite a bit. I’m not sure what I was expecting from a group called Coldcut, but it wasn’t this smoky, jazzy-with-a-modern-beat indescribable bit of wonderful.

Discovering that song made me highly glad I’d gotten this wild idea lodged in my brainpan to begin with.

Autumn Leaves IV

Autumn Leaves IV

Autumn Leaves V

Autumn Leaves V

Turns out the dying season has some life in it after all…


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  1. 1

    Brilliant colours.

    1. 1.1
      Dana Hunter

      They were! And then when they hit their peak, the sun went away and it rained all over them and the wind blew them down. Sigh.

      1. rq

        Ah, sic transit gloria mundi! (How do you say ‘autumn (genitive)’ in Latin? Autumni?)
        Yeah, the wind pretty much puts an end to everything. Here, too, it’s all colour colour GLORIOUS COLOUR, and then when I finally think I have the time to go see them and enjoy them, the Great Autumnal Whirlwind (or just the first fall wind and rainstorm) comes through the country, and we get out to the country and hills to see the bare grey bones of skeletonized trees… :) And then wait for next year.

        1. Dana Hunter

          Exactly! Stupid @!?# wind.

          1. rq

            Somebody should turn it off for an extra week during the time of most brilliance.

        2. heliconia

          Re: Latin, I think “autumno” will do.

          1. heliconia

            can’t read. yes, genitive would be autumni.

        3. adrian

          In the UK we would translate that as “Gloria was sick in the Transit (A Ford van) on Monday”!

  2. 2

    The one song that I always associate with autumn is the fourth movement of Dvorak’s New World symphony. (Here’s a video, but be warned, it contains lots of clergy types.) It’s all blustery and stormy and intense, and could probably strip leaves off trees.

    Also, I’ve been documenting some of the fall colours chez moi here and here.

    1. 2.1
      Dana Hunter

      Your kitteh cracked me up. Gorgeous asters and lovely artichokes! I hope the wee drug dealers stay the fuck away now, wretched children. I hate it when people mess up a green space like that.

  3. 3

    Oh, “Autumn Leaves”! I love that song and that’s a nice rendition. It sent me off to youtube to listen to Yves Montand’s version. Edith Piaf’s got one, too, but it’s in English. Turns out it was written by a French surrealist poet (who knew!).

  4. 4

    Also, I’d never heard a sung version of Autumn Leaves, just piano. Very nice, I’ve been relistening to it.

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