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Oct 31 2012

9 Billion Hours of Sewing Succeed

Captain TMI and Golden Silence, ready to fight - um, whatever. We actually don't know what our superhero schtick is.

The Information Twins were a definite hit. In fact, we’re thinking of doing it again next year, with some improvements in the costume department. Not being able to stuff poor Captain TMI into his Superman suit in order to do a proper fitting led to some issues, but we made it through. I’ll have more …

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Oct 30 2012

OSU Geotour Supplemental V: A Spring in Your Steps

A view of the foyer, looking out. The rich Rosso Ammonitico, the checkerboard marble, the wood accents, elegant lighting - luscious. I could happily live in that building for the rest of my life.

Our tour of Oregon State University geology continues apace. We’re just going to make a really quick dash in at Stop 12: Memorial Union Main Entrance and – holy fucking travertine, Batman! Maybe not so quick, then.

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Oct 30 2012

Sneak Peak


There’ll be something of substance up later today, I promise. For the moment: a glimpse of what is to come on Halloween. Not the full costume, obviously: just the speaker-shield and the microphone-mace. And the cat, of course, helping to demonstrate the power of the mic. And here she is deciding to defeat it by …

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Oct 29 2012

I Have Gone Very Slightly Mad…

It’s that madness that happens when you planned to do something simple, but kept enlarging upon the idea, and then expanding upon those enlargements, and embroidering the details, and so on. A sort of positive feedback loop takes effect, and your life becomes dominated by something that started out very simply indeed. I really only …

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Oct 28 2012

OSU Geotour Supplemental IV: From the Ancient Seas of My Birthplace

We've been looking at very small parts of individual blocks - here's the wall.

Almost halfway through our tour of OSU geology! We’re coming up on the Memorial Union now, and I hope you left yourself lots of time, because this is one of those places that a person could get completely lost in – and that’s just on the outside of the building.

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Oct 26 2012

Unidentified Flying Dinosaur: Akai Tori


A few days ago, I mentioned I’d like some red birds from someone, since I now knew the phrase for red bird in Japanese – and Heliconia came through nearly instantly with these beauties: All right, so they’re arguably orange. But it’s definitely a red-orange. Heliconia was a bit worried about them being arguably orange …

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Oct 25 2012

OSU Geotour Supplemental III: Marble Halls and Sandy Pillars

What's really neat about this cross-cutting stuff is that you can tell which way was up when the sand was emplaced. And you can use that to tell if the builders flipped things on their tops. On the left side, the blocks are right-side up; on the other side, they're upside-down. Of course, I didn't get any pictures of the right side, because I got distracted by a cryptopod, who shall be posted very soon.

We’re moving right along with our campus geotour – it’s amazing geology students ever get any class time in, considering how much there is to distract a person on the way to class, and we’ve only just got started.

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Oct 24 2012

Mystery Flora: Campus Beautification

Mystery Flora I

I know, I know – two domesticated species within a week, where’s the wildflowers, right? But we’ve been doing the OSU geotour, might as well do the campus flowers too, amirite? And these are quite wonderful. For one thing, they are trees:

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Oct 23 2012

Learning the Language of Rivers II: The Basics

Marys River at Avery Park.

The Marys River at Avery Park had me staring in incomprehension like a kid on the first day of a foreign language class. You know how that is: the teacher’s off babbling in said foreign language at Warp 9, and you begin to wonder why you ever decided to take a foreign language in the …

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Oct 22 2012

OSU Geotour Supplemental II: Springy Rock! Porphyry!


Phase II of the Oregon State University geology tour supplemental lingers round one building only, but what a building!

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