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Sep 18 2012

Oh, Hai – You Can Buy Our Book Nao!

Open Lab 2012 cover

There ’tis, on Amazon: The Best Science Writing Online 2012, with me and Chris Rowan right on the cover. We’re also inside. Scha-weet! It’s even available for Kindle. You can buy it today. But, y’know, if you buy the paperback, and we meet in meatspace one o’ these days, and you happen to have that …

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Sep 18 2012

Baby Bullfrogs. That Is All.

Bullfrog tadpoles, Meadowbrook Slough, Three Forks Natural Area, Snoqualmie, WA.

Sigh. Seattle’s doing this let’s-hold-on-to-summer thing that it rarely does. I want to be outside so bad it physically hurts. And, of course, it’s now that they’ve closed the vacation calendar and are making noises about mandatory overtime. Combined with some of the other stuff going on, it’s enough to make me scream. So it’s …

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Sep 17 2012

Life is Short, and It Was Hot

Mount Si and the Snoqualmie River (or a fork thereof - not strictly sure where I was)

Doctor Who fans will have begun grinning as they read the title to this post. I hope they heard it in a Jamaican accent. It’s also part of my excuse for being absent without leave. Work became, how shall we say, challenging. I began to feel like Bilbo Baggins: needing a very long holiday. Wanted …

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Sep 12 2012

World Premiere: The Delectation of Dragonflies

Monsieur et Madame Dragonfly ensuring the continued success of the species.

When you return from an outing with a camera full of dragonflies in flagrante delicto, as it were, there’s really only one thing to be done: dust off the “Pornochz” track your dear friend Eric Kenning composed for your article on writing bedroom scenes and create a movie of surpassing educational interest. Eric has been …

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Sep 11 2012

A Further Update

Oh, my fuck, you guys, I just finished our dragonfly porn, and it is a masterpiece. Now all that’s left is to hope the musician checks his email and grants his permission to use his music for this purpose, as I’ve bloody well gone and lost his phone number. Sigh. If he withholds permission, which …

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Sep 11 2012


Some of you have already noticed, but FreethoughtBlogs has been forced to put countermeasures in effect against various and sundry trolls who thought it the height of funny to pretend to be regulars saying disgusting things. If this has an adverse effect on your ability to comment, please let me know at dhunterauthor at yahoo …

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Sep 09 2012

The Exclusive ‘Things With Water Lilies’ Collection

Some sort of duck with water lilies

I didn’t intend to write today – this was supposed to be my completely-off weekend, in which I didn’t nothing but watch Doctor Who and read and play in the sun. But I’ve just been going through my Juanita Bay photos from Saturday, and had a major squee moment that couldn’t wait.

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Sep 08 2012

Accretionary Wedge #49: Out of This World

T-4 and counting… “No one regards what is at his feet,” Quintus Ennias, the father of Roman poetry, said. “We all gaze at the stars.” And so we do. Those cold points of light in our skies remained mysteries for so long, until we realized they were other suns. And if there were other suns, …

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Sep 07 2012

New at Rosetta Stones: Volcanic Snow on Io

Right, well, you knew someone had to do it. One of us had to do up Io. I mean, how can you have an Accretionary Wedge dealing with geology in space without Io? And I thought, really, that it would be a bit of a lark, you know. Just, “Oh, look! Volcanoes in space. Everybody …

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Sep 06 2012

Mystery Flora: Lilies of a Day

Mystery Flora I

Flowers, unlike birds, don’t fly off and hide when I approach. They’re like rocks in that regard: delightfully immobile. Perhaps that’s why we get on so well. But unlike rocks, flowers are brief. A few days, a few months, then gone until next season. These lovely lilies from atop Marys Peak blazed in the warm …

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