A Rare Second Chance to See a Pirate Woman’s Life – and Help Burien Little Theatre

It’s the time o’ year when Burien Little Theatre does its fundraising for the year. It’s a little simpler than the madness that was 9-10-11 – no 24-hour fundraisers this time. Instead, you get a rare second chance to see a pirate woman’s tale:

Anna Richardson stars in two special fundraising performance of “Bold Grace: The Voyages of the Pirate O’Malley”, Sept. 7 and 8, 2012. Photo by Mike Wilson, poster by Craig Orsinger.

I saw this last year, and it was awesome. Grace O’Malley was an amazing woman, and this play does an outstanding job telling the story of her remarkable life. So if you’re in the Seattle area, go see, and help Burien Little Theatre present another fantastic season.



  1. katkinkate says

    Ooo, I’m jealous. I’d love to see that. I’ve got a copy of Granuaile, sung by Rita Connolly which is the story of Gracey O’Malley in songs. I’ve listened to it so often I can sing nearly the whole thing myself, although not as well as Rita. :)